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On New Girl Season 5 Episode 6, Nick makes a case for himself when it comes to getting into a new relationship. He doesn't want to just go from girl to girl, but wants to experience the magic of love. Winston understands him, but Ali sees something wrong with the way both men are thinking. She convinces the guys to look at love realistically and not look for the magic in things. The guys agree to be more real when it comes to love, but Nick ignored his own advice when he invites an attractive woman named Reagan to move in to the loft. Winston tries to tell Nick it isn't a good idea to go after Reagan because she's out of his league, but Nick is blinded by the magic he feels when he's around her.

Of course things take an awkward turn when it's revealed Reagan had a fling with Cece when they were younger which makes Schmidt jealous. Schmidt even goes off on Cece when he sees her getting close to Reagan. Cece gets angry at him and states she won't marry him if he can't even trust her around people. Reagan is able to get Schmidt to man up and apologize to Cece who quickly accepts the apology. Reagan decides it might not be a good idea to move into the loft, but the friends are able to convince her to go along with it.

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Ever since we got engaged you've been acting insanely jealous.


This woman is engaged. Her number belongs to God now, thank you.