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On New Girl Season 5 Episode 4, Nick comes up with the idea to have Schmidt's bachelor party be in Tokyo even though they don't have the money for it. He comes up with the plan to rent out Jess's room while she is away on jury duty, but Schmidt isn't completely on board with the plan. Schmidt decides to help Nick out by making the loft a more upscale boutique hotel and invites other people to stay, but things take a turn when Winston and Cece don't want to contribute to working at the loft. The guys realize they aren't going to be able to make enough money with renting the rooms out and instead go to their old friend and ask him for money for the bachelor party which he agrees to give it to them. 

Meanwhile, Winston is convinced Casey is cheating on him. He goes to Cece for advice and she tells him he should post a photo on Instagram of himself and a sexy woman. After Winston posts the photo Casey quickly breaks up with him. Winston is still convinced she was cheating and him and Cece come up with a plan to get revenge on Casey. They go to her house and Cece tells Casey that Winston has died, but he quickly jumps out of the bushes surprising Casey and the new man she's with. 

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What? You don't think I can be supportive?


Who am I supposed to go to for lady advice now?