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Jess comes home from her job where she teaches writing to adults. She's inspired by a particular student named Edgar whose writing, while descriptive, is quite violent. Nick believes he is hiding something from Jess and quickly joins her class to spy on him.

Meanwhile, Winston and Cece have an embarrassing sexual run-in which leads to Schmidt and Winston discussing people's pogos, which they define as "the thing your friends talk about when you leave the room." Schmidt finds out it's his toenails and Jess learns that everyone thinks she's a know-it-all. 

Jess and Nick end up spying her student at his house where they find a large shed that Edgar mysteriously goes in and out of. He also appears to live with his mother. Nick ends up going back to his house and peers inside the shed where he finds violent drawings and sketches of Jess. He jumps to the conclusion that Edgar is trying to kill her just as Edgar comes in for office hours with Jess.

When Edgar says he'd like to finish the story he started by killing Jess' character off, her phone rings and gives her away since her ringtone is so distinctive and went off the day before when her and Nick were spying on Edgar. Nick and Jess find out that Edgar is creating a graphic novel and not a murderer. He's also not living with his mother, but his much older girlfriend.

In the end, the awkwardness of finding out everyone's pogos subsides when Nick starts a kitchen fire and everyone ribs each other about it. 

New Girl
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New Girl Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

Cece:Do you have any agave?
Schmidt: We might have some pressed lentils syrups in the mixin's cabinet.

He was a merman. He was the last of his kind and he needed a mother for his merchild. He was not a mergentleman.

Girl in the class