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Jess pitches the idea of a bathtub to her roommates, but doesn't get the enthusiasm she wants until Winston comes clean and tell Jess that he does want a bathtub.  When they buy one, they fill it with water on the roof to test it and it ends up breaking and flooding Schmidt's nice suits.

Rather than telling him, Winston and Jess concoct a story that they were robbed by meth heads who stole all of Winston's suits.  In the end, they just get them dry cleaned, but they don't tell Schmidt the truth about the "robbery". Winston finally breaks down and tells Schmidt he also wants a bathtub.

Schmidt finds out Cece and Rob broke up, so he decides to come clean and tell Cece he is in love with her.  When she says yes to dinner, Schmidt is thrilled, but has to pitch an idea for a vodka ad to the person he used to sleep with for work.  When he misses dinner, Cece is upset and calls her mother to fix her up with someone Indian. 

Nick falls for a beautiful bar patron. He decides to break his own rules for her and finally crosses the bar to speak to her. He encourages Angie (Olivia Munn) to break up with her boyfriend. He finds out she's a stripper, and in the end, she crosses the bar and kisses him.


New Girl
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New Girl Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Winston: There are parts of my butt that only a tub can clean.
Jess: Ew, but okay!

Nick: I don't get it. Is this bath water?
Schmidt: Might as well be; it's rosé.