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Tonight, Nick's father comes to visit. Jess is eager to reunite father and son, but Nick is skeptical of his father's motives because he has conned him so many times in the past. When Mr. Miller wants to take Jess, Wintston, and Nick to the horse races like he used to take Nick, Jess is eager to go, but soon finds herself giving Mr. Miller five hundred dollars to pay for a horse. Mr. Miller claims it's to bring him and Nick closer together, but it's really another con.

Jess does her best to leave the two of them to figure out their issues when they try and sell the horse to some men for its semen, but they are found out and forced to talk about their relationship. Mr. Miller apologizes and agrees to take them to a game the next day, but leaves instead. Nick is unsurprised, but Jess is angry.

Meanwhile, Robby and Schmidt work together to win back CeCe. They form a partnership and Schmidt makes sure to let Robby know that if it ever came down to the two of them, Schmidt would win. They interrupt her tradition family time meeting her arranged boyfriend and she angrily tells them to leave. They end up stuck with each other.


New Girl
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New Girl Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

He lures you in with his charm, his mustache, and his perfect hair!


Nick, please do not angry-fix the sink.