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-The FBI raids V3. Connor suspects Abigail Bruce of being a mole. Troy sleeps with Paloma to get information on Dani. 


-After the 2-night stand, Dani and Sam make plans for dinner. 


-Nico tells the Feds he'll stay with the investigation another 4 weeks and then he'll disappear if it isn't over.


-Dani treats Carl, the V3 accountant. He's been stealing from the company. She convinces him to turn himself in and has Nico help set it up.  


-Dani and Sam break things off when she tells him she isn't good at having a relationship that's only casual.


-Carl never shows up for the meeting with the FBI. He kills himself instead. Dani is devastated.  Later she finds that Carl sent her a suicide note and a memory card.


-TK and Sheera make up and launch Brickhouse Lingerie.

Necessary Roughness
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Necessary Roughness Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

I'll set up dinner with your nosy assistant who's looking at us right now.


I feel like things are finally falling into place.