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-The V3 clinic's experimental treatment is gene therapy to make super athletes. It's so cutting edge that there is currently no testing. 


-TK turns down the treatment. Sheera is furious. If his career is over then he doesn't fit in to her plans. They call off the engagement. 


-TK insists on playing against the Hawks. He helps his team win the game but may have made his injury worse. He is surprisingly upbeat about whatever his future holds and his physical therapist, India promises to help him with his recovery.


-Dani and Nico head to V3 after their night together and they meet a surprise visitor. Mrs. Alex Careles. Nico's wife was released by INS. 


-Dani is furious. Nico tries to explain it was a marriage of convenience meant to protect them both. Alex gives him divorce papers for getting her released. 


-Dani tracks down Hutch who agrees to testify against V3 and admits that Connor knew about the doping. Dani confronts Connor who says you have to break rules to make it to the top. She gets him to pull strings to help get Hutch back into the minor leagues.


-Connor makes Abby Bruce the CFO of V3 and appears to be running off to Brazil. After speaking with Dani he hesitates.


-Dani and Nico reconcile. He wisks her away on his private jet. Apparently he has a few more secrets to tell. 


Necessary Roughness
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Necessary Roughness Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

War makes strange bed fellows.


You want reality or you want to stay in the dream?