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-Dani gets her new assignment at V3. Cindy Buttons, a child star trying to make it as an adult actor but giving Lindsay Lohan a run for her money.


-Dani deduces that Cindy is addicted to love more than drugs and gets her into a therapy program to help.


-Troy hopes to get Dani out of V3 and recruits Nico to help. Later, Nico tells a mystery man he couldn't get Dani out but that she better not get hurt in the middle of this operation.


-TK signs on with V3. At his first dinner meeting, a possible sponsor comes on to him and tries to get him high. TK turns her down on both counts. 


-With TK signing on with V3, Dr. Dani can now keep him as a patient.


Necessary Roughness
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Necessary Roughness Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

"Excuse me, Skeletor here is telling me I need an appointment to see you."


"She makes Linday Lohan look responsible."