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Necessary Roughness Season 3

"Sympathy for the Devil"

In the Necessary Roughness season 3 finale, Nico gets a surprise visitor while Dani tracks down her missing patient and things come to a head at V3.

"Sucker Punch"

Dani ends up in a compromising position while TK questions the experimental treatment and V3's future remains unclear on Necessary Roughness.

"The Games Afoot"

Nico finally comes clean with Dani as he searches for the missing piece to explain the V3 puzzle while Dani treats sibling track stars with a bad case of rivalry on Necessary Roughness.

"Bringing the Heat"

TK is upset over his breakup with Sheera while Connor and Dani clash over a V3 client on Necessary Roughness.

"Good Will Haunting"

Dani and Nico uncover some disturbing information concerning V3 and a sex tape turns TK's life upside down on Necessary Roughness.

"V3 for Vendetta"

Connor is on the hunt for a mole at V3 while Dani treats an accountant whose secret could have deadly consequences on Necessary Roughness.

"Snap Out of It"

Nico finds new information on V3 while Dani helps a self help guru who doesn't believe in therapy on Necessary Roughness.

"Swimming With Sharks "

Dani must help a basketball player who is failing from the free throw line and Connor's competition with another company may be a problem for TK on Necessary Roughness.

"Gimme Some Lovin'"

Dani adjust to her new job while handling a new patient, a former star with career trouble while TK tries to come over to V3 on Necessary Roughness.


On the season 3 premiere of Necessary Roughness, big changes occur at The Hawks as TK must deal with a new coach, Nico returns, and Dani gets a new job offer.

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