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-Dani, Matt, Nico, and Coach convince TK to enter rehab but he's upset he'll miss the first game of the season.

-Matt must jump through hoops to find another wide receiver by game day but succeeds. Hank makes him the permanent General Manager of the Hawks.

-TK runs into his friend Jimmy in rehab and the two escape. TK shows up at the Hawks stadium expecting to play but Nico kicks him out.  Then he shows up at Dani's in the middle of the night but she tells him to head back to rehab and won't let him in.

-Dani is upset about TK and calls Matt late at night to find him with another woman.

-Marshall Pittman's plane crashes but Nico believes he's still alive.  Nico tells Dani that Pittman saved his life in Iraq. Dani deduces that that's why Nico gave up Gabriella, because he felt he owed Pittman.

-Pittman's body is found. Nico and Dani console one another and they kiss.

-When RayJ has a fight with his fantasy football partner he digs up the marijuana plants he planted in the back yard and drive them to the dump to dispose of them but is pulled over on the way.

Necessary Roughness
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Necessary Roughness Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

I need this for the tweethab. You know, tweeting from rehab.


I promise I will only kill you with kindness and not with biscotti.