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-Ty, a bull rider sees Dr. Dani because he keeps getting hung up in his ropes, putting his life in danger.  Dani helps him realize that he never grieved for his father who was killed on a bull while Ty was young. 

-Ty's wife Lila is furious because Ty promised he'd retire.  Dani helps him realized that he made that promise believing he would die on a bull.

-Noelle, a reporter claims that TK sexually harassed her and threatens to sue if she doesn't get an interview about Razor's murky past.  TK steps up and gives an interview about his shooting instead.

-TK swears there was no harassment but a video shows him dropping his towel in front of Noelle.  TK's muted emotional responses cause Dani to begin to suspect there is something wrong.

-Olivia breaks up with Ray Jay so that they can start college with a clean slate. Ray Jay is furious. He makes a scene in pubilic and the guy Noelle is will punches him.  Later Noelle comes over to apologize.

-Matt and Dani are both in pain over their breakup.  In the end, Matt ends up in Dani's bed.

Necessary Roughness
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Necessary Roughness Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

I'm just doing a little fling cleaning.


Getting through some days is like trying to stay on the back of a thousand pound bull.