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Necessary Roughness Season 2

"There's the Door"

On the Necessary Roughness season 2 finale, Dani finally makes a decision between Nico and Matt while The Hawks whole season may hinge on a breaking scandal.

"Regret Me Not"

On Necessary Roughness, Dani works with the quarterback who has rage issues while Juliette's plan to see The Hawks runs into a road block.

"The Fall Guy"

On Necessary Roughness, are Coach's anger issues due to a dangerous secret and how happy will Dani be when her sister and mother come for a surprise visit.

"Hits and Myths"

Can Dani figure out her confusing love life by dissecting her sex dreams? TK fights against his past persona to regain his spot on the team on this episode of Necessary Roughness.

"Frozen Fish Sticks"

On the winter premiere of Necessary Roughness, Dani sees a therapist to work out her own career issues while Nico experiences new challenges with The Hawks after Pittman's death.

"All the King's Horses"

The team teeters on disaster as the season opener nears, TK heads to rehab and Pittman's whereabouts are in question. Michael Imperioli guest stars.

"Double Fault"

On Necessary Roughness, Matt and TK's agent go head to head after TK has property stolen and Dani must help a pair of tennis players with their issues both on and off the court.

"Might As Well Face It"

On Necessary Roughness, the Hawks starts making cuts to its training roster as TK tries to help Razor with his problem but is it more than he can handle?

"A Load of Bull"

On Necessary Roughness, Dani and Matt must deal with the tension surrounding their breakup as Razor and TK do their best to dodge a nosy reporter.

"Spell It Out"

On Necessary Roughness, Dani helps a spelling bee champion overcome his stuttering. Will TK be able to hold it together when he has to take the stand against his shooter?

"What's Eating You"

On Necessary Roughness, mischief abounds as TK and Damon start a hazing war. Dani's best friend returns but she has an unexpected surprise.

"Mr. Irrelevant"

On Necessary Roughness, Dani tries to help an illusionist. How will the kids react when they find out about Dani and Matt and how much trouble can TK get into on Twitter?


On Necessary Roughness, Dani treats a narcissistic baseball player who uses sex to break his slump and Marshal Pittman's actions become even stranger.

"Wide Deceiver"

On Necessary Roughness, T.K. takes off to spend time in his old neighborhood and considers not returning to the Hawks. Can Dani deal with Ray Jay's persuasive new girlfriend?

"To Swerve and Protect"

On Necessary Roughness, can TK prove he can still run after his injury and keep his bonus and a place on the team?

"Shrink or Swim"

On the season premiere of Necessary Roughness, pre-season preparations are underway for the Hawks as T.K. recovers and Dani and Matt struggle to keep their relationship under wraps.

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