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-Nico refers Jason, a poker player on a losing streak to Dani for help. Jason wants Dani to help him locate his tells.

-Two thugs show up on Dani's doorstep looking for Jason. He owes them money. Dani tells Nico who says he'll take care of it.

-Dani realizes that Jason is a chronic liar and his guilt over lying to his fiance, Rachel is what's ruining his game. Once he tells Rachel the truth and continues therapy with Dani, he starts to win again.

-TK is arrested for speeding and driving with a suspend license and is put under house arrest. As sponsors pull out, the team decides to spotlight a less controversial player.

-Laura Radcliffe, a publicist is brought in. She had a previous relationship with Matt and wants to get back together. Dani doesn't like her.

-Unfortunately, their new star player is cheating on his wife. He decides he wants his privacy instead of stardom. In the end, the sponsors come back for TK.

-Ray J and Lindsey are arrested for selling signed TK merchandise in the parking lot at the game. Nico comes to the rescue but makes them tell their mother.

-When Lindsey laments that Ray J never gets into trouble while she is perpetually grounded, he takes the blame for the entire scheme, leaving her out of it.


Necessary Roughness
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Necessary Roughness Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Officer: At 75 miles per hour, no problem. At 150, big problem.
TK: I was...150. The dealer said this thing could go 200. This thing is broken. I'm taking it back.

Dani: Everyone has a dark side.
Laura: Not one I can't spin.