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-Dani treats Tyler, a professional skateboarder with night terrors. Tyler's afraid his investors will try and take his company away if he can't perform his latest stunt.

-Dani eventually determines that Tyler is bipolar and needs medication to stop his night terrors and even out his mood swings.

-Dani signs the divorce papers but her husband has not. When they meet up at their high school reunion sparks fly and they kiss. Ray asks for a second change but Dani turns him down.

-Jeanette searches for her old crush Gerald at the reunion only to find he is now Geraldine. 

-Matt and Laura have rekindled their romance but Laura is a bit jealous of Dani.

-TK has a stalker who swears he is the father of her child, Devon. TK begins to have feelings for the child only to have the DNA confirm that Devon isn't his.


Necessary Roughness
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Necessary Roughness Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Ten years and I still have to dance like a trained monkey for my banana.


Stop drinking and dreaming.