On NCIS Season 12 Episode 7 the team investigates the murder of a retired Master Sergeant. Meanwhile, Bishop confronts Gibbs about his giving her special treatment. You can learn more when you watch NCIS online.

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On NCIS Season 12 Episode 7, the team investigates the shooting death of retired Master Sergeant George Hawkins.

Hawkins had been spending most of his time trying to find the remains of his Vietnam friend Charles Kent, who had been killed during a Viet Cong ambush back in 1969.

Hawkins had been found with a dog tag in his hand - a dog tag that he knew was fake. This was a message sent to help those who would investigate his murder.

Gibbs and the team have two goals in this episode: find Hawkins' killer, and if possible, complete Hawkins' work in hunting down the remains of his friend.

Meanwhile, Bishop realizes that Gibbs has been treating her too lightly, giving her a top notch grade for her field training stint and not giving her grief over losing a suspect. She decides to confront him about it.

Find out how it all unfolds when you watch NCIS online.

Episode Details

On NCIS Season 12 Episode 7, the murder of a retired Master Sergeant leads to team to uncover a fraudulent charity preying of people searching for missing military personnel.

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NCIS Season 12 Episode 7 Quotes

Ky Van Tu: This man - he help me bury my mother, my father. I want to thank him but I do not know how. So I follow. I follow far, behind. Soon I hear gun and I hide. After, I see my friend dead.
Gibbs: You saw his body?
Ky Van Tu: Yes. I run home for my cart, and I bring my friend here.
Gibbs: Why?
Ky Van Tu: I bury him next to my parent. I do not know that his family look for him. This is how I honor him. This is how I thank him.

Gibbs: Bishop. You were right.
Bishop: I was?
Gibbs: I have been going easy on you. But it's got nothing to do with you.
Bishop: I don't understand.
Gibbs: It's about that desk. I've lost two people off that desk. Good people. And it's on me. I was doing something wrong. When something's wrong, change it.
Bishop: This job is hard.
Gibbs: I know that.
Bishop: It's hard, Gibbs. It's inevitable you'd lose people along the way. Doesn't mean your way of teaching is wrong. Look at Tony, McGee: they're amazing.
Gibbs: Yeah.
Bishop: I want to be like them. I want to be like you, Gibbs. I'm asking you to push me to be like you.
Gibbs: Okay.
Bishop: Okay?
Gibbs: Yeah. Okay. Back to the old way.
Bishop: Thank you.
Gibbs: This floor is for standing and walking.
Bishop: What?
Gibbs: Sit in your damned chair, Bishop.