On NCIS Season 12 Episode 19 the murder of a Navy lieutenant triggers a cold case which Tony and Gibbs had investigated before. Find out more when you watch NCIS online!

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On NCIS Season 12 Episode 19, Gibbs and Tony go on alert when a Navy lieutenant and a prostitute are murdered in a car that was registered to "Lex Talionas" - the code name for a 40 year old cold case they had investigated.

The cold case had to do with an airport bombing that took place 40 years ago. While the bomb maker was never caught, his DNA was found on the bomb components, and a possible suspect named Tomas Orlando was identified.

After Tony and Gibbs contact Navy Vice Admiral Dawn Tyson about the murder, the rest of the NCIS team are read into the classified op.

They discover that the dead lieutenant was an intelligence offer who was developing the prostitute as an asset, and that she was meeting with him to give him a sample of Orlando's DNA, which was sewn into the lining of her purse.

Video footage of the murder scene later reveals that someone had taken the purse from the car and had fled the scene.

Abby discovers that fingerprints from the thief belongs to the prostitute's pimp, a man named Eddie "Collarbone" Rosario.

Tony and Gibbs interrogate Rosario, who tells them that he murdered the two people, but didn't know anything about the DNA evidence. He says he took the purse because the money in it belongs to him.

After examining the DNA, Abby informs Gibbs that it's a match for the bomb maker. Admiral Tyson scrambles a Navy Seal team to capture or kill Orlando. They storm his compound but discover that it's empty except for a damaged laptop.

Gibbs sends McGee and Abby to assist in the decrypting of the laptop to see if they can find out where Orlando is.

Orlando arrives at NCIS HQ, claiming to have been framed and seeking asylum.

What's really going on? If Orlando isn't the bomb maker, then why is the DNA in the prostitute's purse a match for the bomb maker's DNA?

You can find out all of this and more when you watch NCIS online!

Episode Details

On NCIS Season 12 Episode 19, the murder investigation of a petty officer gives Gibbs and DiNozzo a lead on a 40 year old airport bombing cold case.

Rating: 3.8 / 5.0 (62 Votes)
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NCIS Season 12 Episode 19 Quotes

Bishop: So who's briefing Gibbs?
Tony: Not me. I need a moment.
Bishop: For what?
Tony: I may have intimacy issues.
Bishop: Well tonight I was thankful for that.

Orlando: I came here because I have a family. I know how you cowboys work. Shoot first, ask questions later. My children are more important to me than my entire empire. I'm not willing to risk them getting cruise missle'd coming home from school one day. I want them to learn how to read, not how to scan the skies looking for drones. So, you win.
Gibbs: Just like that.
Orlando: I was retiring anyway. I was announcing it at that meeting you tried to crash.