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"The Good Son" is centered around Director Vance (Rocky Carroll) and provides a rare glimpse into his personal life - introducing us to a new family member.

Jocko Sims guest stars as Vance's brother-in-law, Michael.

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PLEASE GET JLC OFF THIS SHOW. I'll gag if I see any more kissing. I have to record so I can fast forward JLC's scenes out of the show. The show goes just fine without them.


Gibbs has not been a good investigator since he let Ziva back on the team he a push over now a coward afard to say no to ziva


Looking forward to seeing The Good Son where Gibbs acts like a real investigator i bet it be good. No more JLC she ruined his character


i will be watching this one vance has the mystery character about him i want to see more of the other characters "the good son" ought to be very interesting