NCIS Season 16

NCIS Season 16 Episode 16 Review: Bears and Cubs

NCIS Review: Bears and Cubs

Ducky returns on one of the worst days of Palmer's career on NCIS Season 16 Episode 16. Find out why Ducky returned and Palmer fell on hard times inside.
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Radio Silence - NCIS
"Silent Service"

On NCIS Season 16 Episode 17, the nuclear submarine Gibbs and Bishop are aboard to conduct a murder investigation ends up going radio silent

"Bears and Cubs"

On NCIS Season 16 Episode 16, Jimmy is torn between family and work after his father-in-law asks him to tamper with evidence from a murder investigation.

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"Crossing the Line"

On NCIS Season 16 Episode 15, the team investigates a man overboard fatality on a Navy destroyer, while Torres is frustrated mentoring high school students.

"Once Upon a Tim"

On NCIS Season 16 Episode 14, McGee reluctantly visits his high school after the unique computer password he used as a teenager is linked to the murder.

  • 3.8 / 5.0
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On NCIS Season 16 Episode 13, finding a missing girl leads the team to a ten-year-old missing person case and detailed notes left by Ziva David.

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"The Last Link"

On NCIS Season 16 Episode 12, an old family friend, Army Cpl John Sydney, asks Gibbs to join him on a road trip to search for a missing military I.D. bracelet.

"Toil and Trouble"

On NCIS Season 16 Episode 11, Gibbs' murder investigation is shut down and Agents McGee and Torres may end up being arrested for their actions in the case.

"What Child Is This?"

On NCIS Season 16 Episode 10, the team's holiday plans are put on hold when a murder investigation includes the discovery of a baby with no apparent family.

"Tailing Angie"

On NCIS Season 16 Episode 9, the lead suspect of an unsolved robbery case is released from prison, and the team investigates with an undercover stakeout.

"Friendly Fire"

On NCIS Season 16 Episode 8, McGee and Bishop head to Afghanistan when a murder case in the states is linked to a string of soldiers killed by friendly fire.

"A Thousand Words"

On NCIS Season 16 Episode 7, the team investigates a stolen mural by a street artist which leads to a conspiracy regarding a Navy contractor and ocean mammals.

"Beneath the Surface"

On NCIS Season 16 Episode 6, while investigating a Halloween crime scene, Torres recognizes one of the victims as someone he knew from training.


On NCIS Season 16 Episode 5, a Marine serving a life sentence for murder may be exonerated when NCIS investigates 50-year-old recording left by a murder victim.

"Third Wheel"

On NCIS Season 16 Episode 4, Gibbs' quiet vacation at his remote cabin is interrupted by a call from NCIS asking for help locating a robber hiding in the woods.


On NCIS Season 16 Episode 3, one agent is starstruck when they investigate an explosion outside the home of a Petty Officer and his wife, a reality TV star.

"Love Thy Neighbor"

On NCIS Season 16 Episode 2, Torres must face the consequences after a volatile night out with Palmer and the team investigates a dead lieutenant in a hot tub.

"Destiny's Child"

On NCIS Season 16 Episode 1, a month after Director Vance was kidnapped, Gibbs is assigned the role of Acting Director as the team searches for his whereabouts.

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NCIS Season 16 Quotes

Gibbs: Rule 99.
Sloane: Never tells Gibbs he's being audited.
Torres: That's not a real thing.

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