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NCIS Season 11

NCIS Round Table: "Alleged"
NCIS Round Table: "Alleged"

by Douglas Wolfe at

This week's NCIS story focused on the troubling issue of sexual assault in the military, much of which goes unreported. The case only...

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NCIS Review: Revealing the Monster
NCIS Review: Revealing the Monster

by Douglas Wolfe at

A junior officer in the Navy is drugged and raped, and the friend in whom she confided about it is later killed. That's the setup for...

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When a Naval Officer is found dead on a rural road, the team must investigate whether his death had something to do with an attack on a female officer on NCIS.

"Page Not Found"

Delilah turns to the team when the Department of Defense closes a controversial case on NCIS

"Crescent City: Part II"

Agent Pride and Agent Gibbs work together when it looks like the Privileged Killer may have a copycat on NCIS.

"Crescent City"

The body of a congressman is found on this episode of NCIS. It's the first of two parts.

"Rock and a Hard Place"

A bomb detonates in the dressing room at a military charity concert and the NCIS team must determine its target.

"Dressed to Kill"

Congratulations, NCIS! The show has hit the 250th episode mark.


The team scrambles to find out if faulty bulletproof vests have been shipped overseas when they uncover a stolen U.S.M.C. truck filled with the merchandise on NCIS.

"Monsters and Men"

Parsa's location may be revealed when a port authority officer is murdered and Bishop's past connection to the terrorist is revealed on NCIS.

"Double Back"

Gibbs and the team use evidence from the drone attack to track down Parsa while McGee worries about his girlfriend on NCIS.

"Kill Chain"

Terrorist Parsa is linked to a stolen drone and Gibbs team works with the Department of Defense to track it down before it's used on NCIS.


When a mysterious illness hits military families, the team scrambles to find a cure before Chrismas on this NCIS.

"Devil's Triad"

Gibbs is put in an awkward position when a murder victim ends up having a link to Gibbs' ex-wife's new boyfriend on NCIS.

"Gut Check"

When the Secretary of the Navy is bugged during a confidential meeting the NCIS team partners with an NSA analyst who predicted the breach two years earlier on NCIS


McGee questions Tony's odd behavior as the team investigates a hit and run that turns out to be murder on NCIS.

"Better Angels"

Gibbs leaves mid-case to help his father reconnect with a former war pilot.

"Oil and Water"

NCIS partners with the Coast Guard Investigative Service (CGIS) to investigate a suspicious explosion on board an oil rig. Meanwhile, no one is safe from a mysterious prankster who is targeting the NCIS team.

"Once a Crook"

DiNozzo returns to his Baltimore Police Department days when he sees a felony suspect from a 15-year-old case at the NCIS crime scene of a murdered Petty Officer.

"Anonymous Was a Woman"

When a woman who impersonated a soldier is murdered, Gibbs and McGee travel to Afghanistan to investigate on NCIS.

"Under the Radar"

When a Navy Lieutenant goes missing, the team must use Twitter to help track him down on NCIS.

"Past, Present, and Future"

As the team tracks a terrorist, Tony travels to Israel to find Ziva in part two of the season-opening arc.

"Whiskey Tango Foxtrot"

The Season 11 premiere of NCIS, titled "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot," a.k.a. WTF, promises to pick up where we left off in Season 10.

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