Watch NCIS: New Orleans to learn about the characters of the team, and about a case involving a dead petty officer, who may have been killed in a gangland confrontation.

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When a severed leg and body show up, Pride learns that a former gang member who had had mentored may have gotten himself involved in gangs again. The manner of his death, coupled with a gangland drive-by shooting, plus a gang tatoo on the man's body all point to that conclusion.

Meanwhile, a city councilman is keen to adopt the conclusion that this was all gang related. However, Pride and his team dig a bit deeper and discover another angle which points to another reason for his death. Be sure to watch NCIS: New Orleans Season 1 Episode 1 to find out what happens next!

Episode Details

This premiere episode introduces us to the members of NCIS New Orleans, as they deal with the case of a dead petty officer who may have been killed in gangland violence.

Rating: 3.6 / 5.0 (77 Votes)
NCIS: New Orleans
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NCIS: New Orleans Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Pride: Take Brody, learn things. What the hell are you waiting for?
LaSalle: Well you did offer breakfast.

Pride: Go grab your coat and hat. We’ll take a walk. We’ll talk.
Parks: I got nothing to say, old friend.