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New Orleans police are ambushed by a runaway driver with another man firing a 134 mini-gun from the back of his pickup. Pride is called in because one of the gunmen, Marcus Tyrell, was former Navy. Percy suggests WIllard Kurtz might be the ring-leader on the robbery. A decal on the pickup truck leads them to the Port of New Orleans. Kurtz kills Tyrell and surrenders. Kurtz claims to working for the government. Percy and Gregorio go to talk with Jake Roman, Percy's old partner. Sutter, a CIA agent, says Kurtz is working with her on a covert gun-running operation, Colossus, and she wants to take Kurtz and the weapons NCIS seized. Pride is ordered to release both, but Sutter gives them the name of the second gunmen, James Smith. One of the shot NOPD officers dies. Pride tells his team to leave Kurtz alone, while they investigate his partners. Percy objects to this, and Pride tells her to go home. Jake drops by and points out she's getting antsy. Soon they head to bed. Loretta found sucrose on Tyrell's body, pointing them to the sugar cane fields. Percy sees a message on Jake's phone that "Colossus is a go." Kurtz has been siphoning off millions from the CIA arms sales. Kurtz stabs Sutter, then takes off with the weapons. Pride and LaSalle find Sutter dead. Director Vance gives Pride permission to go after Kurtz. Patton traces Jake's phone. Sutter has been holding Kurtz's wife Claire for two years as leverage. The Coast Guard recovers the weapons except for a drone, which Kurtz uses to bust his wife out of custody. Patton tracks the drone to a sugar field. They arrest Kurtz, but Claire gets the drop on Percy. Sebastian gets control of the drone and crashes it into the water and they arrest the Kurtzes. 

NCIS: New Orleans
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NCIS: New Orleans Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

It's all right, gentlemen. I'm on your side.


No more drama, for the time being.

Pride [to Loretta]