Sam and Callen head to Mexico on an unsanctioned mission to find a survivor of an office place massacre on Los Angeles Season 6 Episode 5. The situation ends up being much more complicated than they imagined when the arrive and are left without any support or way to call for help.

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An Department of Defense accounting department is raided by masked men during their lunch hour. The workers who stayed in for lunch are all killed except one. He escaped to Mexico to hide out. Sam and Callen head to Mexico with no support in order to find the survivor, Milton.

Back at the NCIS: LA office, Deeks and Kensi search for clues at the crime scene. The only thing missing is a few computer servers. They find evidence which implicates the manager who conveniently forgot his lunch that day. They also find a burned up car with the servers inside. That changes the case from one of stolen data to one with data destroyed.

Sam and Callen run into trouble in Mexico, while the rest of their team uncovers the truth about the massacre. Watch NCIS: Los Angeles online now to find out what happens.

Episode Details

On NCIS: Los Angels season 6 episode 5, Sam and Callen head down to Mexico in the hopes of finding the lone survivor in an attack on the Department of Defense.

Rating: 4.3 / 5.0 (46 Votes)
NCIS: Los Angeles
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