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The NCIS:LA team all return from their vacations refreshed and ready for a new case. The military struck a terrorist target in Afghanistan with a drone attack. When they verified the bodies, they found a former US Marine among the dead.
NCIS investigates to find out why he was there. Was he a traitor? His former boss and girlfriend each think he took a job out of state, while his parents didn't know where he went.
They find out that he was a patriot and felt the Afghans needed help. The CIA denies that David was working for them. The team finds that he was hired by a firm, ATAMA and go to investigate.
When Callen and Sam show up at ATAMA the sole employee starts shooting at them. He doesn't know much about the company other than he answered the phones for them.
Nell and Eric go into the field to investigate the company and find 5 other men that went missing that were hired by ATAMA. It's determined the company was paying the guys a large sum of money and then basically holding the hostage in the Middle East.
Callen, Sam, Kensi, and Deeks head to the Middle East to save these men. A gun fight ensues, but they save them.
NCIS: Los Angeles
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