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Deeks and Callen pursue a truck, so Callen can jump on back of it. Sam is trying to disarm a bomb inside the truck while Kensi battles with a thug. Callen takes over the truck and stops it. Sam defuses the bomb with a second to spare, just before the terrorists' truck would have reached a museum ship. Abbas Jalal, another terrorist associated with the cell, gets arrested then rescued from the FBI, leaving two agents dead. The team's day off is canceled as they're called in to help find the terrorists. Nell suggests bringing in an asset that can help them find the terrorists, NCIS Special Agent Fatima Namazi. Fatima supplies Sam and Callen with background on the terrorists. She says that Jalal was taken to help with another attack that's imminent. Nell blames herself for not figuring out there were more cell members. It turns out that Fatima is a fangirl of Nell's. Jalal's employer, Rana Azim, said he was embezzling money from their business. Her husband Omar is missing. A homeless woman got the license plate number from the car the terrorists drove off in after burning their first escape vehicle. Eric finds the car driving into a warehouse. The OSP and FBI crash in, killing the only terrorist inside. They find an empty crate for assault weapons.  Eric determines the map coordinates pulled up on the wiped laptop at the warehouse, which is a movie theater. Callen pulls the fire alarm to clear the theater. Fatima doesn't think that's the target. Callen spots Jalal, who blows up the suicide vest he was wearing, knocking out Sam and Callen. Upon waking, Callen notices the entrance is wired to explode. Sam and Callen try to help those injured inside. Fatima finds an online video from the terrorists, who threaten more attacks. 

NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 10 Episode 14 Quotes

Deeks: In some cultures, it's considered creepy to watch someone while they sleep.
Kensi: It's a good thing you're not sleeping then.

Deeks: I'll drive.
Sam: The hell you will. Give me the keys! Give me the keys!