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A Syrian seeking to deliver evidence to the Global Criminal Tribunal gets pinned by a car to a wall. The man, David Sarraf, will die as soon as the car is moved. The rest of the team searches for the encrypted flash drive containing the evidence, while Kensi stays with Sarraf. They find Turk staking out the hotel where the Syrians who attacked Sarraf were staying. Turk is seeking Nasar, the leader of the Syrian team. Sarraf tells Kensi his son was killed in a chemical attack. Eric tracks the Syrians to a nearby airport. They trap Nasar and his driver, but he doesn't have the flash drive. Nasar denies having anything to do with the attack on Sarraf. Sarraf identifies Nasar as his attacker. A State Department representative takes Nasar from them and returns him to the Lebanese embassy since he has a fake Lebanese identity. Kensi tells Sarraf he's going to die. He asks Kensi to find his wife so he can hear her voice one more time. Turk tipped off the State Department. Turk tells Deeks that Nasar had killed his former NCIS partner, and Turk's been hunting him ever since. Turk punctures the tires on Deeks' car and drives off.  Turk had tagged Nasar with Overwatch spray. Kensi's doctor friend found Sarraf's wife so he could say goodbye. Turk tracks Nasar but gets pinned down by his men. Deeks arrives to help him. Turk runs off to confront Nasar. Nasar tries to surrender to Turk. Turk sets down his gun and they fight. Outside Deeks is surrounded and out of ammo. Sam and Callen arrive just in time. Turk recovers the drive from Nasar, who he left beaten but alive. The drive was erased. 

NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 10 Episode 13 Quotes

Nell: We've got a case.
Deeks: I've never been more happy to hear those words.

I'm here to help. Say it.

Eric [to Deeks]