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A Bad Time - Nashville
Watch Nashville Season 3 Episode 5
"Road Happy"
Original Air Date:

Juliette must prepare for her love scene with Noah while trying to hide her pregnancy, and Rayna realizes that her new busy schedule and engagement are not going over well with her kids.

Taking a Peek - Nashville Season 3 Episode 4
Watch Nashville Season 3 Episode 4
"I Feel Sorry For Me"
Original Air Date:

Rayna bonds with Sadie in an attempt to sign her with the label, and Juliette can no longer hide her pregnancy from those closest to her.

Juliette's Secret - Nashville
Watch Nashville Season 3 Episode 3
"I Can't Get Over You to Save My Life"
Original Air Date:

When Rayna sets a wedding date, it has a ripple effect for all those she loves. Meanwhile, Juliette struggles with revealing her pregnancy.

Rayna Gets Proactive - Nashville
Watch Nashville Season 3 Episode 2
"How Far Down Can I Go"
Original Air Date:

Rayna gets proactive with her publicity when Will's album soars to first on the charts. Juliette goes in for her Patsy Cline callback.

Making Sweet Music - Nashville
Watch Nashville Season 3 Episode 1
"That's Me Without You"
Original Air Date:

Rayna tries to choose between two men. Juliette auditions for the role of a lifetime. Scarlett, Avery, and Gunner take a road trip.

Promoting Highway 65
Watch Nashville Season 2 Episode 22
"On the Other Hand"
Original Air Date:

Rayna gets help from Teddy to plan a huge free concert to promote her Highway 65 debut on Nashville.

Charity Concert
Watch Nashville Season 2 Episode 21
"All or Nothing With Me"
Original Air Date:

When Luke is injured, Rayna organizes a charity event at Fort Campbell on Nashville.

Scarlett's Breakdown
Watch Nashville Season 2 Episode 20
"Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad"
Original Air Date:

When she's blamed for Scarlett's breakdown, Juliette ends up turning to an unlikely person for comfort on Nashville.

Scarlett's Surprise
Watch Nashville Season 2 Episode 19
Original Air Date:

Maddie's news ends up as a hot topic on "The View" and Rayna tries to handle the fallout by going on "Good Morning America"

Meeting Colt
Watch Nashville Season 2 Episode 18
"Your Wild Life's Gonna Get You Down"
Original Air Date:

Rayna's girls meet Luke's moody teenaged son, Colt while the parents are on tour on Nashville.

You are a little bit late the the song and dance and want to watch Nashville online. There is nothing to be ashamed of, as a matter of fact, you should rejoice that you have found TV Fanatic for all of your Nashville needs. We not only have several streaming options for you to watch Nashville online, but we have the latest and greatest interviews, reviews, casting news and even a song list (which is required as we dare you not to fall in love with the country music the cast puts down in this incredibly musical production) by episode. When you watch Nashville online you will learn about the feud between country legend and superstar Rayna Jaymes and up and coming teen pleasing wanna be Juliette Barnes. There is a lot of heart in both of these women and discovering how which paths they each take on their journey is extraordinarily fun to watch. Is it possible their lives will intertwine? Is there a chance friendship could be in the cards for the two most powerful women in Nashville? It seems highly unlikely and yet the hope that it could happen is one of the many things that keeps viewers tuning in to watch Nashville online.

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