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Rayna and Juliette are killing it in Chicago, but Juliette is tired of her image.  She wants to do new things as an artist, and Deacon tells her she needs to stop saying it, and just do it.  She tries a different type of song on stage, and her manager hates her for it.  Fortunately the fans love it.


Deacon kisses Rayna in the elevator when the pressure of being on tour with her gets to be too much.  She invites him up to her room but Teddy shows up before Deacon.  After sleeping with Peggy back in Nashville, Teddy is there to tell Rayna he wants a divorce.


Scarlett can't pay her rent, and Gunnar can't get sleep with his roommates, so they decide it would be best for Gunnar to move into Scarlett's place.  Avery finds out about this and picks a fight with Gunnar. He loses.

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I really enjoyed this episode. It answered a lot of questions for me. Look fwd to seeing more developments with Juliette, Deacon and Avery. Very strong characters here...