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Nashville Season 1

"I'll Never Get Out of This World Alive"

On the season 1 finale of Nashville, Deacon uncovers Rayna's secret, possibly ruining her night performing at the CMA's with Brad Paisley.

"A Picture From Life's Other Side"

Lamar and Rayna team up against Teddy when it comes to the girls while Jolene tries to help Juliette on Nashville.

"Why Don't You Love Me"

The record company celebrates when both Rayna and Juliette are nominated for CMA awards on Nashville.

"Take These Chains From My Heart"

Rayna is given an opportunity to escape and finish her album while Gunnar takes a chance on some new music on Nashville.

"My Heart Would Know"

A personal emergency sends Rayna running back home and leaving her sold out tour on Nashville.

"I Saw the Light"

Rayna worries about Juliette being a bad influence when her daughter joins them on tour on Nashville.

"When You're Tired of Breaking Other Hearts"

Rayna appears on Katie Couric's talk show Katie to talk about her marriage, divorce, and balancing motherhood with career on Nashville.

"Dear Brother"

Juliette throws a surprise party for Deacon but her performance goes awry while Rayna sings with other stars on Country music on Nashville.

"There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight"

On Nashville, Rayna takes comfort in an old pal when the girls find out about their parents divorce plans while Juliette works on her new image despite her managers objections.

"I've Been Down That Road Before"

On Nashville, when Juliette decides to abandoned her pop star image she finds her handlers and not pleased, nor is Rayna when she discovers Deacon has joined Juliette's band.

"You Win Again"

The party becomes awkward when Rayna and Juliette celebrate their new hit and Teddy reveals his suspicions about Rayna and Liam on Nashville.

"I'm Sorry for You, My Friend"

As the concert in San Diego draws near, Rayna and Juliette prepare to share billing and Rayna struggles to continue on without Deacon on Nashville.

"Be Careful of Stones That You Throw"

Rayna and Juliette are set for their tour on this episode of Nashville. But this causes personal problems for one of the singers.

"Where He Leads Me"

Rayna hears Teddy's side of the story about Peggy on Nashville this week, while Gunnar risks his partnership with Scarlett by opening up to her.

"Lovesick Blues"

On Nashville, Marshall wants Juliette and Rayna to perform a duet while Peggy's actions force Teddy to come clean with Rayna.

"You're Gonna Change (or I'm Gonna Leave)"

Rayna talks to a new producer when she decides her music needs a fresher sound. Juliette hopes that dating a football player with a great reputation will boost her popularity on Nashville.

"Move It On Over"

On Nashville, Deacon hopes to draw some boundaries in his relationship with Rayna as he also helps her deal with Jolene's substance abuse issues.

"We Live In Two Different Worlds"

When someone from Teddy's past resurfaces it may cause problems with he and Rayna's marriage. Meanwhile, Juliette must work on handling the damage of her shoplifting incident.

"Someday You'll Call My Name"

Juliette's mother shows up bringing her problems into her daughter's life and Rayna is surprised to learn about her and Teddy's financial problems on Nashville.

"I Can't Help It (If I'm Still in Love with You)"

The mayoral campaign moves ahead on Nashville this week, while family secrets are revealed and Juliette continues her pursuit of Deacon.


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