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Murphy in the Morning is about the animal shelter for give a dog a home day. Corky advertised that she and Murphy would be at the shelter the next day.

At Phil's, her assistant is talking on the phone to his parents. Miguel is staying with Phyllis.

Health inspector comes to inspect the place. Phyllis has different colored streaks in her hair. Miguel is showing the health inspector around while Phyllis cleans up.

Murphy is upset about having to go to the shelter and giving Corky a hard time. But they're all encouraging her to go. Miles isn't a dog person.

Avery always wanted a dog, but Murphy never got him one. The Wolf network is giving Avery his own show during primetime. 

Corky starts reminiscing about being on primetime.

Murphy thinks Avery's being naive. She thinks he's going to have to toe the party line.

Corky and Murphy are at the animal shelter. She looks very awkward. They're at DCs most popular shelter. 

They start meeting the dogs in the shelter.

Once she finds out that the E on the cages means euthanise, she grabs the mic and starts going off on the animal shelter lately.

She requests the next do on death row. She's exciited about it.

They bring in the dog, number 256. He has back wheels. She looks mortified.

Back at home, she has her new dog. She decides to share her dinner with the dog.

Murphy comes in to tell Avery about the dog. He starts telling her about his new show.

She tells him about the animal shelter. She said she adopted a dog. Avery's very excited. He's beside himself. He loves him.

She tells Avery that he's avery's responsibility. He's going to be out of town. He wants to get the dog a stair chair, more yard - move.

She goes to work the next day and brings her dog. He gets shut in the elevator. She tries to convince Corky to take care of the dog.

Miles is freaked out by the dog and says he can't stay. 

She tries to convince Pat. He doesn't want to. 

On Avery's new show. He's in Texas at an elementary school. The story is about bringing guns into schools. There's a debate between the teachers about the issue.

They want Avery to read what they wrote at the network. They lied to him, like his mother told him, and he's upset about it.

Avery comes back on the network. He reads the teleprompter, but he just can't continue on. He thought he could change the culture at The Worlf Network. Murphy was watching. She doesn't really react except to tell the dog Avery is going to need him when he gets home the next day.

He went into a huge speech and 'dropped the mic.'

Murphy gets back from a walk with the dog, and Avery walks out of the kitchen. He tells Murphy congrats that she was right. She's not happy about being right.

They name the dog Ben Hur Brown. Benny Brown.

Avery: So they basically lied to me.


Murphy Brown
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