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Avery and Murphy are getting ready to leave to cover in the mid-term elections. Murphy gives him a hard time about wearing a red tie.

Murphy: He runs a zoo and all he does is throw raw meat to his audience.

 Murphy bets Avery he can't make it on his program without losing it. He says Murphy can't make it without nodding off.

Frank is doing yoga in the office. Murphy shows up and blows a party horn. Corky tells a story of home.

Miles comes in and hands out folders on what they're going to cover. Pat shows up and he's very nervous.

Pat: Yeah, but do I have to wear this? It's like something my parents would put me in to meet the wife they picked for me.

Miles is counting on him to keep all the info straight as it comes in.

Phyllis comes in with coffee and food. 

Frank: Menopause has made you mean.

Phyllis sees herself on all the screens and starts dancing. She likes what she sees.

Murphy in the Morning starts.

Avery's show is also starting. The Wolf Pack is the show covering the election. Avery tries to joke and lessen the leader's message, but gets shut down.

Back at Murphy in the Morning, Frank is downing tons of sodas. He's all hyped up.

Phyllis walks through the show in front and behind.

Pat is on and is obviously nervous. Corky is following up with a small town in New Hampshire where everyone in town votes. She blathers on, so they go to Frank. He over annunciates everything and is spastic.

Over with Avery. everything Avery tries to say is taken down by the leader guy. The girl on the right always says the same thing and they interject lots of religion.

Phyllis doesn't believe voting makes a difference. 

Miles is consoling Pat. He wants him to add life into his report. Pat says it's the clothes. He goes to change.

On Avery's show, Trump is going on and on and taking over the show.

Murphy has been on for over 12 hours, she's hoarse and tired., Frank's still spazy. She doesn't know what else to talk about cause the poles haven't closed yet.

Pat is back in his regular clothes and he's now charismatic and kills it.

Frank's drinking more energy drinks. Throws his can on Murph when she asks him a question.

Corky is checking in with NH again. Corky screams at him. She is cursing and blames menopause.

She walks off ashamed. Phyllis goes to vote.

John keeps giving Avery a hard time about not being on board.

Murphy is reporting and Frank is mispronouncing states.

So is Murphy. They all lose it.

The only thing the women say on the couch is 'You got that right John."

They don't say at the end who won the election.

Murphy: Welcome to the next two years.

Murphy Brown
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Murphy Brown Season 11 Episode 6 Quotes

Menopause has made you mean.


He runs a zoo and all he does is throw raw meat to his audience.