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They start at Murphy in the Morning, where Murphy is interviewing someone from the military. She wants to know if we are winning the war in Afghanistan, but he keeps saying that the U.S. has never been safer from terrorists.  He keeps dodging the question. 

He walks off the set. Murphy follows him to the elevator. She's chasing him.

Murphy: How are you gonna get us out of Afghanistan if you can't even find your way out of here?

Murphy: You can't outrun me, mister. I've got two fake hips. I'm bionic!

Avery is sitting on the couch, eating pizza, and depressed because he doesn't have his job anymore. He's yelling at the TV, then starts playing with his dog. They wake Murphy up.

Avery's upset he doesn't have a job. Murphy is trying to make him feel better, saying he did the right thing. His agent isn't giving him any good jobs.

Murphy watches dancing with the stars. She tells Avery to keep busy. 

The next day Murphy gets a new assistant. It's a young guy who is horrible. She fires him.

Avery comes to Murphy in the Morning, and he's all excited because he's in an office again. Avery wants to work and wants to hang out because he's bored. 

The crew is talking about a story, and Avery gets in on the meeting. He's nosing in on the story.

He apologizes and gets ready to leave. Diana tells him he's kryponite. 

They're trying to talk Diana into giving them an hour on Afghanistan to show that we aren't really winning the war.

Corky: I'm from gator territory. I think gator, I speak gator. I even lost my Grandma to a gator.

Murphy's source in Afghanistan isn't texting her back.She's convinced something is wrong. Miles is still going to Diana's office to get her to let them do an extended segment.

At Phil's bar, Avery is talking to Phyllis. 

Phyllis: Meanwhile, this is not Starbuck's, so order something besides coffee or move your keister off that stool.

A patron at the bar needs a drink, but Phyllis walked away. Avery goes behind the bar to help out.

Pat comes into the bar. Everybody thinks Avery's working there. He's a little depressed. 

The gang walks in and the source has disappeared. They see Avery and invite him over to sit. The source went dark. The Murphy crew start reminiscing about the good old days of journalism. 

Avery leaves.

Phyllis: Let me ask you something. What the hell do you need a menu for? It hasn't changed in 40 years. Figure out whatever the hell you want and I will give you whatever the hell I've got.

Then she gave Miles a look.

Benny rings the bell and Murphy comes in to give him a snausage.

She calls for Avery. She gets to his room and he's packing. He's going to Afghanistan. He's going to find her source. 


Murphy Brown
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Murphy Brown Season 11 Episode 12 Quotes

How are you gonna get us out of Afghanistan if you can't even find your way out of here?


You can't outrun me, mister. I've got two fake hips. I'm bionic!