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Trenton and Mobley, in Arizona, are tied up and "baby-sat" by Leon (Elliot's old jail buddy sent by Whiterose), who insists he isn't there to kill them (though he did kill their roommate).

Elliot watches news reports of the E Corp attacks and cries. He goes to see Krista in a panic. She tries to get him to come down and he tries to tell her his role in the attacks. His voice glitches out and he turns into Mr. Robot. He confesses the truth of his revolution to Krista, but she believes they are just delusions of grandeur. He gets angry when she mentions they have the man responsible (Wellick).

The FBI watches a new fsociety video threatening another attack within 24 hours. They speak to Wellick's attorney, who claims that Tyrell was kidnapped and strong-armed into helping the Dark Army terrorists. He says he'll comply and help them stop the second attack in exchange for immunity.

Santiago and Dom argue. Dom thinks they're being played, while Santiago wants to take Wellick's deal. Dom is suspicious.

Angela is in a daze and asks whether the people who died will all be okay. Darlene tells her she's going to get her stuff and will be back.

Santiago speaks to his mother on the phone. Agitated, he tells her he'll ask her doctor if the treatments for her can wait and tells her not to worry about the latest fsociety video, that it's just a scare tactic. An agent comes in and tells Santiago that Wellick ID'd two people of interest in the case and is asking for his family.

Santiago goes to see Wellick and turns off the video camera. They speak freely, with Santiago warning Wellick against spilling that he's working with the Dark Army and revealing the news of Joanna's death. At first, Wellick doesn't believe it, but then he breaks down, crying and screaming.

In the desert, Leon gets out of the car to bury the roommate's body. While he's out, Mobley and Trenton fret about what to do. Trenton reveals that she set up an email to send automatically to someone she trusts if she doesn't log in by a certain time. Trenton gets her hands free and tries to drive away, but does't know how to drive and crashes the car while Leon digs.

Krista calls her lawyer. He advises her not to say anything to the authorities. He believes she'll lose her license and that he's not indicating intent to do anything in the future. But Krista truly believes that Elliot may have been involved.

Angela, still in a daze, repeatedly rewinds and rewatches footage of one of the E Corp buildings collapsing. She assures Darlene that everyone will be fine and insists she doesn't know about any more attacks.

Mr. Robot goes to confront Irving at his auto shop about going rogue and gets immediately knocked out by Dark Army operatives.

Philip Price demands to know why Whiterose is coming after him now, when he's gotten his plant and the Congo. Whiterose explains that Angela put his plan at risk and that Philip couldn't control her, so Whiterose had to. Price loudly asks for an explanation for all of this, and Whiterose says it's because he had to ask twice.

Mobley and Trenton hypothesize that they're being recruited by the Dark Army. Leon gives them no information and takes them back to Mobley's apartment, where Whiterose's man and other operatives are waiting. He asks them to accompany him into the garage.

Elsewhere, Mobley and Trenton's coworker sees on the TV that Wellick has idenitifed those two (who he knows as Frederick and Tanya) as the leaders of fsociety.

Mobley and Trenton are made to sit down at computers and say what they see. In front of them are all the details for another attack, to crash airplanes. SWAT swarms as the Dark Army operatives give the two guns and a speech about dying for the cause. Mobley begs him not to kill them, but the guy gives them a pep talk about self-sacrifice. They try to bargain for Dark Army to use their skills, but Dark Army has no use for their skills.

When the SWAT team finally arrives, they find Mobley and Trenton both dead in front of the computers, surrounded by fsociety paraphernalia that makes it look like they were two Iranian people who spearheaded the whole operation. Santiago assures Dom that it's all finally over, though they would've preferred to get Mobley and Trenton alive.

Dom looks less convinced. She returns to the evidence room, crosses out Trenton and Mobley on the board, and puts "Whiterose?" on a post-it at the very center of the web, remarking that she might actually get away with all this.

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Mr. Robot Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

You're actually gonna get away with this.


See? They all came back. They're all fine. Here, I'll show you again. Told you. Everyone's okay again. Everyone's gonna be okay. Everyone's gonna be okay.