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Rewinding to the night of the hack, Elliot (in Mr. Robot mode) pulls the gun out of the popcorn machine to try to kill Tyrell, but there is no bullet in the gun. Tyrell convinces him that they are meant to work together and that there needs to be more to the plan to adequately destroy Evil Corp. Mr. Robot gives Tyrell the gun.

Irving arrives with two lackeys and quizzes Tyrell and Mr. Robot on what's going on. Irving directs them on how to clean up their mess, explaining that they were sloppy and James called Gideon Goddard, who tipped off the FBI about the Evil Corp honeypot. It was Irving who told Mr. Robot to take Tyrell's car and ditch it somewhere.

Irving meanwhile takes Tyrell to the safehouse for an indefinite amount of time. Tyrell decides to go no contact with Joanna, to make it easier on both of them.

Elliot, meanwhile, is arrested for hacking and sentenced to 8 months in prison.

Whiterose instructs his assistant to work on an early release plan and explains that someone will be on the inside of the prison to protect Elliot (Leon). He also meets with a reporter and gives him several instructions. He wants the reporter to image-rehab Tyrell Wellick, to make sure he stays in a positive light while being blamed for the 5/9 hack. He also wants the reporter to put the origin of fsociety in Iran. Finally, he says he might have a candidate for president he wants the reporter to back -- Trump.

Tyrell wakes in the middle of the night when he hears the TV blaring. A strange man (Wallace Shawn) grills him repeatedly with the same few invasive questions until Tyrell eventually cracks. Tyrell pledges his eternal loyalty to Elliot. The man instructs him to lay low while they set up more permanent headquarters.

Cisco and Darlene meet. Cisco wants out of all this, but Darlene continues to give him instructions while Elliot is in prison. Cisco turns over what Darlene gave him to Irving, who reminds Cisco that Darlene is just a job and to stop caring about her -- Darlene is protected, while Cisco is not.

Tyrell becomes increasingly unhinged, grows a beard, and chops wood while in confinement. He also is at odds with Irving and questions the larger plan. One day, he sneaks out "incognito" but a police car pulls over and he takes off running. The officer eventually pursues and apprehends him.

The policeman arranges to meet to transfer Tyrell to the FBI. Agent Santiago shows up and shoots the cop, revealing himself as in league with the Dark Army. He brings Tyrell, who broke his own hand in an attempt to escape his handcuffs, back to Irving.

Irving reveals that, like Tyrell, he's married to his job. His wife left him and took their sons. But he fixed his situation and reunited with his family. Irving reassures Tyrell that he will have the same opportunity to fix his situation. Tyrell says that they need to get the mission back on track and in order to do so, he and Elliot need to be reunited. Irving tells him in a few more weeks, it'll happen. A follow-up scene reveals that Irving straight-up lied about his family in order to sell what he was telling Tyrell.

Irving is working on a novel. He visits Leon in jail, who tells him he liked killing those Neo-nazis and updates him that Elliot is being released. He also instructs Irving to get Elliot laid when he gets out, because Elliot is wound up tight.

Irving informs Tyrell that Elliot is getting out. Tyrell moves from the secluded farm location to the place where he and Elliot eventually reunited when he shot Elliot. Irving gives Tyrell back the gun that Mr. Robot originally gave to Tyrell and Irving took away.

Irving takes Tyrell back to the city to a swanky apartment. Tyrell shaves his beard and puts on his classic suit again to meet with Elliot. 

In the aftermath of the shooting, Tyrell is scared and confused and upset that Elliot seemed not to remember their working together and didn't think he was real. Angela, who is cool as a cucumber during Elliot's surgery (in the hideout, not in a hospital), explains to Tyrell that Elliot really is sometimes a different person.

Elliot awakens as Mr. Robot and looks knowingly at Tyrell.

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Mr. Robot Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

You might just be the perfect type of crazy to protect me... from me.

Mr. Robot [to Tyrell]

It's almost as if something has come alive.