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We see Mobley and Trenton meeting with Darlene for the first time at Ron's Coffee, as she inducts them into fsociety's mission.

In the present, on the fourth of July, fsociety listens in on an FBI conference call about "Operation Berenstain." Darlene then acts in an fsociety video informing the public that major corporations like Uber, Facebook, AT&T, and Evil Corp. are complicit with the FBI in violating the privacy of three million Americans to find the 5/9 Hackers. They upload the video, including audio from the call, which says that they have 16 suspects (1 of whom is dead) under surveillance. Mobley is paranoid that they are on the suspect list and tries to pull out of fsociety. As they are all arguing, Susan Jacobs arrives back at her apartment and finds them all there.

Angela and her boyfriend are out on a date at a fourth of July karaoke event. Angela watches the fsociety video. At the bar, she runs into her Dad's friend Steve who comments on her missing her father's barbecue and how hard it is for her father to watch Angela bow to the men that killed her mother, making a sexually inappropriate remark. Angela insults him by pointing out that he's a plumber and that she is only 27 with a six figure salary.

Darlene and Cisco tie Susan Jacobs up, holding her hostage. They all discuss what to do with her. Trenton goes downstairs to calm her down. Susan convinces Trenton to let her go to the bathroom, also insulting her religion by referring to ISIS. She attacks Trenton and ends up knocking herself out on a brick wall. The others decide to figure out what they can blackmail her with to insure she won't talk before bringing her to the hospital.

Angela sings "Everybody Wants To Rule The World" at karaoke, while near tears, as fsociety hacks Susan's email accounts to find dirt on her. They find a secret Yahoo email account. Cisco wonders what they will do if they do find something on Susan.

An older man hits on Angela as she order another drink at the bar, commenting that his daughter is probably older than Angela. She flirts back, suggesting he stay and talk to her instead of returning to his colleagues.

Dom interviews Mr. Jones, the man from whom Darlene stole the gun that was later hidden in the popcorn machine back in Season 1, about the 5/9 Hack. He denies involvement but Dom points out that a shell casing, pointing back to his illegal gun, was found at a location critical to the 5/9 case. She offers immunity in exchange for the name of who took the gun.

Darlene releases Susan, who tells her that she needs a doctor. Darlene offers Susan a cigarette instead. She explains that her friends' plan was to blackmail Susan for her affair with a presiding judge, which they found evidence of in the Yahoo account. Instead, Darlene recounts seeing Susan laugh in the courtroom when she got E Corp off the hook for what was done to Darlene and Elliot's father. When Susan stands up to try to make a deal with Darlene, Darlene quickly tazes her, allowing Susan to drown in her pool.

When Darlene reports back to the others, they are in shock. Darlene claims that Susan freaked out and she only wanted to scare her. Mobley wonders how Darlene could have missed the fact that Susan had a heart condition, since there were many emails about it. Darlene shrugs it off, telling Mobley and Trenton that they can leave while she and Cisco remain behind to clear out the evidence. She puts up an out of office message for Susan.

Trenton and Mobley wait for the train, wondering whether Darlene killed Susan in self-defense or not. They wonder what to do. Mobley suggests that they run, but Trenton is hesitant to abandon her family.

Cisco and Darlene wonder what to do with the body. Cisco suggests leaving it there, but Darlene says that they need to get rid of it. They pack Susan's body into a suitcase, take it on the subway, and then dispose of it at the pet crematorium where they got rid of their equipment last season. Darlene uses Ecoin that she stole from Susan to pay off the employee and get them privacy. Cisco and Darlene struggle with the suitcase, eventually taking her body out in order to burn it.

Cisco and Darlene take the subway home. Darlene admits that she always wanted to kill Susan but didn't think she was capable of it. Now, she doesn't feel bad -- only surprised that nothing stopped her from killing Susan.

Mobley pays a delivery guy to scope out his apartment before he goes in. Trenton sits with her family and brings up the idea of moving. Her father shoots down her idea. Mobley returns to his apartment and begins packing in a panic. Outside Trenton's house, she goes outside to see a black unmarked car pulling away. At Mobley's apartment, he hears the FBI pounding at his door and threatening to break it down if he doesn't answer.

Dom interviews Mobley, after they keep him waiting all night. She questions him about Leslie Romero and shows Mobley the End of the World Party flier that she found at Romero's. She explains that they tracked him down by finding a very old Angelfire fan page he had once made for the DJ of the same name (from whom he got his codename). Dom explains that they only want Tyrell Wellick and asks Mobley for names and information, clearly not suspecting him of actually being one of the hackers. Mobley gives no info up, instead asking for a lawyer. Dom's boss criticizes her for bringing Mobley in with no real evidence and his anxiety over the Operation Berenstain conference call being leaked, though Dom is convinced that Mobley will crack and give them information. Her boss tells her to let Mobley go.

After being released, Mobley sends Trenton a message telling her that they're "burnt" and have to leave ASAP, advising her to meet him at noon at the place where they first met (Ron's Coffee). He then erases all of the data from his phone and drops it in a bike messenger's basket. Trenton tells her family that she'll be back later and leaves to meet Mobley. Mobley gets on the subway but never shows up for their rendezvous.

Angela's boyfriend, who wound up being an undercover FBI agent, talks to Dom about Angela ditching him for "some old dude" at the bar, confiding that he was hurt by it and that he's done with working her. Dom presses him about whether Angela gave up any fsociety information, but she did not.

Angela wakes up in Cisco's bed and checks his laptop as he's showering. She finds that he was reporting on her back to the Dark Army and that they told Cisco he did a good job with the femtocell for the "backdoor" and that Stage 2 is about to begin. When Cisco gets out of the shower, he finds his laptop destroyed and when his back is turned, Angela hits him in the head with a baseball bat.

Mr. Robot
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Mr. Robot Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

You're a plumber, right, Steve? You've had, what, 60 years at life? And that's the best you can come up with. Literally cleaning shit for a living. I'm 27, and I've got a six figure salary at the biggest conglomerate in history. And I'm just getting started.


What I'm about to tell you is top secret. A conspiracy bigger than all of us. There's a powerful group of people out there that are secretly running the world. I'm talking about the guys no one knows about. The guys that are invisible. The top 1% of the top 1%...

Darlene [reading Elliot's words]