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Joanna has a flashback to first meeting Scott and Sharon Knowles aboard a boat with Tyrell and the rest of E Corp. It is also where she first met her boyfriend, Derek. In the present a woman throws pig's blood at Joanna while she's out with the baby, calling her a capitalist pig. Joanna screams. Later, she drinks a glass of wine and looks at a framed sonogram picture.

Elliot, still in the basement, pushes Mr. Robot to tell him the truth about what happened to Tyrell, so he can accept "what he did" and move on. Mr. Robot agrees.

At E Corp, Dom quizzes Angela about what she was doing on the restricted FBI floor, since she saw her there. Angela makes up a reason about making plans with the male agent upstairs. Dom clearly doesn't believe her and questions the luck of Angela winding up at E Corp just before Allsafe went belly-up. Angela puts her off and Dom leaves, still suspicious. With Darlene guiding her via phone, Angela finishes running the script to get the wifi back up. Darlene successfully hacks the FBI.

Back in the basement, Mr. Robot tells Elliot that it was either us or him (Tyrell). Elliot demands to know how he killed him. Mr. Robot confesses that after he ran the 5/9 Hack scripts, Tyrell raved about them being gods, so he shot Tyrell with Darlene's gun that was in the popcorn machine.

Joanna and Derek have rough sex, where she demands he choke her harder. After, he gives her an ultimatum: either come to his 30th birthday party as his girlfriend, or they're done.

Dom has the security guy check the footage. They find it has all been wiped and Dom realizes they were hacked. She tells them to check Angela Moss' computer and then leaves to find a 4th of July barbecue to go "be miserable at."

Angela returns home to find Darlene waiting outside her building. Darlene tells Angela she realizes Angela must have put two and two together about Cisco and offers to tell her whatever she wants to know. Angela explains that she already figured it out -- though Darlene and Elliot always thought they were smarter than her, she remembered the horror movie that they always made her watch and that they took the fsociety mask from. Angela admits that she couldn't believe they would actually do the hack, and so refused to believe it for a while. She goes into her building, leaving Darlene alone.

Ray and Lone Star, having brought Elliot upstairs, ask him whether he's ready to do what needs to be done. Ray ominously instructs Elliot to get the site back up, at which point they'll put him back downstairs until they're sure the site is up and running again. Mr. Robot implies to Elliot that once Ray gets what he wants, he'll just kill Elliot. Elliot believes that Ray still needs him and so they are safe. He works on repairing Ray's site.

At fsociety headquarters, Darlene notices the looks on the other hackers' faces. She smiles and asks whether "this" is happening today, when she sees what's on the screen.

Joanna presents Derek with her summons for divorce from Tyrell, as his birthday gift, having not shown up at his birthday party after all.

Elliot finishes and the site appears to be working. Before Lone Star can toss him downstairs, Elliot asks Ray to play a game of chess. Ray agrees. As they play, Ray explains that the site was his wife's idea and that she was very smart, like Elliot. The site quickly took on a life of its own and they decided not to look to see what was on the site, but to let the money dictate what was on their. His wife was better at denial than he was, and they made a lot of money. Ray didn't look at the site until Elliot and RT worked on it. He admits that beating them up was not the answer. Ray asks Elliot how much time he has, having been aware that Elliot would turn him in as soon as Ray let him back on the computer. Elliot admits that with their response time, the FBI probably have them surrounded. Ray tells Elliot to leave before they get up there and tells him to be careful. Elliot leaves and the FBI swarm in.

During a House of Representatives meeting, the Wall Street bull's balls drop through the skylight, interrupting the meeting. Angela visits her father at his job at Walmart and tries to convince him to agree to drop the independent inspections contingency in the lawsuit, so that E Corp will settle. Her father refuses and Angela tells him that she already got the 2/3rds signatures she needed and that telling him was just a courtesy.

Leon mentions Ray to Elliot and Elliot denies knowing anything about it. A group of men approach Elliot and Leon, threatening him for having gotten the site shut down. One of them tells Elliot that he owes him the 800 bitcoins he had in his wallet, since he was responsible for shutting the site down.

Angela visits Price in his office. He mentions that miraculously the contingency was dropped and asks if she knew about it. She tells him that he got what he wanted but didn't wan to ask for. She asks why the contingency was so important. She demands to be moved to a position in the Risk Management Department in exchange for helping get the contingency removed, citing what Terry Colby told her about making changes from within the company. Price wonders why she wants to squander the capital she's earned with that move. He also confides that it is his birthday, and that he keeps his real birthday secret from everyone. He asks her whether she'd like to celebrate with him that night. She refuses.

Elliot attends his church group meeting. Afterwards, he apologizes to the group leader for his outburst the previous month. She hugs him and he awkwardly asks her to let him go. She tells him that she has seen him talking to "him," though not out loud -- but she means Jesus, not Mr. Robot. She leaves him alone and he asks Mr. Robot for help finishing what he started with E Corp, weeks having passed since "the Ray thing." Mr. Robot asks Elliot why he first started listening to him. He explains that Elliot is a leader and that people want to follow him. Elliot doesn't want to lead, but Mr. Robot believes that in order to finish it with E Corp, he must.

Angela meets with the head of the Risk Management Department to get information about her new gig. She asks to sit in on their weekly debrief meetings. He reluctantly agrees, though those meetings are typically only for directors.

Elliot burns his notebook in Pyro Carla's trashcan, choosing to no longer attempt to rid himself of Mr. Robot. On his way home, he is jumped by the same group of white men who were harassing him earlier. They accuse him of having too much courage and start to beat him up violently. Suddenly, Leon intervenes, swiftly and quietly killing each of the attackers with a knife. He tells Elliot he'll be getting a letter from Whiterose, revealing himself to be a Dark Army hacker, and tells Elliot he'll be rooting for him.

In the debriefing meeting, Angela offers to summarize their old legal cases in order for them to see how things were handled in the past, trying to be helpful. She says she'd just need access to the files. Everyone goes silent and the department head dismisses them, adjourning the meeting. He reveals that he knows who Angela is and suggests she maneuvered her way into that job. He tells her that her working in their division is a favor to Price and Price told him to handle her "however he wants."

Elliot meets with Krista and shows her a letter. She tells him it's good news but notes that he doesn't seem very happy about the news. She asks about Mr. Robot and Elliot explains that they help one another. He says that since he's been staying with his mother, he's been better. Krista is perturbed by that and asks him if he knows where he is. Suddenly, it's revealed that Elliot has been in a prison all along.

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Mr. Robot Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Elliot... Be careful.


Price: Would you like to celebrate with me tonight?
Angela: No.
Price: Well, maybe next year.