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Darlene shows up at Elliot's home for Halloween. He tries to put her off, but she tries to stay. She needs him to hang out with her.

They watch an old movie and Elliot opens up about being fired and seeing a shrink.

They chat about their mother, and Elliot shows Darlene the Mr. Robot jacket. She forces him to put it on, with the mask. 

Darlene goes to visit Elliot in the present, but Elliot is worried about what she's doing. 

She is taken aback and tries to ensure that that Elliot keeps quiet. Elliot claims that it wasn't him that let it happen and Darlene says maybe she needs Mr. Robot. 

The FBI raid the lair at the pier. 

Joanna learns that she's running out of money. 

Angela goes to see her informant and lets her know there's something about her in the agreement. 

Elliot goes to Krista and informs her about his plan to delete Mr. Robot. She does not agree. 

Joanna went to try and get the money and agrees that she'll say she left the party alone. 

Darlene bumps into Frank who informed her that the FBI could be on to them.

Elliot had a vision of his life if all of the conflict was resolved. 

Ray informs Elliot that it would be best to listen to the voices in his head. 

Elliot then finds out about Romero and the arcade. 

He decides to hack the FBI.




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Mr. Robot Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Jesus, I don’t normally say this, but I have got to Instagram this. People need to know this movie exists.


You wanna know who’s crazy? Those wall street psychos.