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In a flashback, Romero brings Mobley to the fsociety arcade headquarters, telling him the gruesome, death-filled history of the arcade as they walk. Romero knows the history because his cellmate during his six years in jail was Clyde, the son of the previous owner who was wrongfully convicted of the murder of his twin brother and father. Romero offers to rent Mobley's "guy" the place for a deal. Mobley explains that he also wants Romero to work with them. Romero is wary about going back to jail but Mobley manages to convince Romero.

In the present, Elliot is still on the phone with Tyrell. He asks Tyrell where he is but Tyrell tells him that he's not where he's supposed to be yet, questioning whether Elliot is still sticking with the "plan." After they hang up, Elliot and Mr. Robot have a confrontation. They overhear the news that Gideon was shot dead at the bar on the TV.

Mobley goes to visit Romero at his house where he lives with his elderly mother. Mobley goes downstairs and Romero dead (likely not recently), from a gunshot wound to the head. He flees.

Ray gets hooked up to a dialysis machine and brings an unseen person flowers, having breakfast with them and chatting with them about the flowers.

Elliot, feeling badly about Gideon's death, goes to the basketball court to get Adderall from Leon. After a confrontation with Mr. Robot, he takes too many of the pills, intending to overdose on them in order to control his own mind. As he's walking away from the basketball court, a man approaches him and a van screeches up. Two men jump out and pull Elliot into the car, putting a hood over his head.

Mobley rides the 4 train and is stared at by police officers. He meets with Darlene on the train, where she exhibits little sympathy for Romero's death and only asks who saw him at Romero's house. Mobley admits that Romero's mother saw him. He exhibits guilt for what they did.

Elliot is brought out of the van at an undisclosed location where the kidnappers mix cement and funnel it down his throat. It's revealed that this is a hallucination induced by the Adderall and Mr. Robot -- Elliot is really back at his room, throwing up the Adderall. As Mr. Robot chides him, Elliot gobbles the thrown-up pills back down, refusing to be controlled.

Angela is called to Philip Price's office at Evil Corp, where he offers inauthentic-sounding condolences for Gideon's death. Angela mentions that she was pretty broken up about it. Price quickly changes the subject, bringing up how the interviews she set up were all wrong. She first agrees with him mindlessly and leaves, but then turns back to argue that what she set up was more appropriate for what Evil Corp is trying to do -- reassure investors. Price cuts her off, inviting her to dinner at a fancy restaurant. She agrees. He agrees with her that the interviews she set up were right. She thanks him.

Dom watches a man propose to a woman on a reality show in the pre-dawn hours. She asks "Alexa" what time it is and a Siri-like electronic voice tells her it is 4:30am. Dom gets ready for her day as Alexa plays music until she abruptly asks Alexa to stop.

Dom visits the crime scene at Romero's house, where the on-site detectives have basically bungled the investigation. Romero had a printed out list of FBI agents' names, including her own, but Dom dismisses that as irrelevant, saying that all hackers have that list. They don't check to see whether computer ports were modified and the computer ends up on fire, essentially a self-destruct mechanism. Dom gives the detective her card and asks him to call her if they find anything else.

Darlene and Mobley meet with Trenton at Trenton's house. Darlene is pissed that Trenton so easily forgot what they started and didn't participate in their latest attack on Evil Corp. Mobley is convinced that the Dark Army is assassinating people associated with the hack. Darlene dismisses that idea, saying that she was the only one to talk to the Dark Army and did not give them the other hackers' identities. Mobley points out that Elliot also spoke with them. Darlene refuses to believe that Elliot would do that and leaves, saying she'll talk to Elliot and let them know. After she goes, Mobley suggests to Trenton that he doesn't trust Darlene or Elliot and that they might be working to eliminate the other hackers in order to cover their tracks.

Ray visits a beaten up man at his house and tries to convince him to help him get "the site" up and running again. The man whimpers and tells Ray that he's unable to get the site back up, while the man's wife and child cower in the background. Ray leaves and gets in a car with another man who offers to try beating the first man up again. Ray declines, saying they're not animals, and that they'll just have to find someone who can get the site back up.

Elliot reports to his "friend" that he's been on Adderall for days, not sleeping, but has kept Mr. Robot at bay. At first, he claims to be feeling great and loving everything, including talking about Seinfeld with Leon and enjoying basketball, but eventually he admits that though he felt good for the first few days, it began to feel bad -- an fatal internal system error. He begins hallucinating kids in fsociety masks and remarking that his system is beginning to shut down, which will soon be followed by his consciousness going.

Angela gets dressed up for her apparent date with Philip Price. She repeats her self-affirmation mantras to herself in the mirror. At the restaurant, there are protesters outside. Angela ignores them and glides in, all glammed up. When she gets there, Price introduces Angela to two of her colleagues at Evil Corp -- it is not a date after all.

Dom masturbates alone in her bed in the middle of the night. She looks again at the list of FBI agents' names that she took a photo of at the crime scene.

In Elliot's church group, he reflects on the Adderall nearly being out of his system and on Mr. Robot's imminent return to lay siege to his brain. Another man shares a story with the group about being racist and punching an Indian deli owner, before finding Jesus. When asked to share, Elliot rants about the world being unfair, against organized religion, and his innocent friend dying for no reason. He ends his rant by saying "F-ck god." After realizing that he said all of it out loud, he leaves silently.

At the end of their dinner, Price dismisses the other two men and says he and Angela will stay for a final drink alone together. They discuss the semifreddo and the other two men they met with. He reveals to Angela that the two men they met with were in the room with Terry Colby and participated in the decision to cover up the leak in her hometown that led to her mother's death. He tells Angela that the two men are white collar criminals, having engaged in insider trading, and hands her the proof that could put them in jail for years. As he leaves, Angela tells him that whatever he is doing, she doesn't trust it. He assures her that though she's panicking because she'd ruin their lives, once she removes emotion from the situation, she'll do fine.

Ray joins Elliot at the diner. He gives Elliot back the journal that Elliot threw away and mentions that he knows what happened in the church group, being friends with the chaplain. He confesses that his wife died over five years ago and that after being wrapped up in grief, he one day began talking out loud to her (as he was doing at the beginning of the episode). Elliot wonders why Ray is telling him this and Ray tells Elliot that they are more alike than he knows.

Dom visits Mrs. Romero very early in the morning about her son's murder. Mrs. Romero slams the door in her face, but lets her back in after Dom brings up that the cops confiscated all her joints and offers to roll new joints for her. Dom questions Mrs. Romero about her son's friends. Mrs. Romero brings up "that chubby boy" (Mobley), but didn't see him clearly due to her cataracts. When Dom gets up to get Mrs. Romero a glass of water, she goes through the boxes packed for Mrs. Romero's move and finds a flyer for the fsociety end of the world party.

Elliot meets with Ray at an office and asks what he should do, wanting to control his own life. Ray explains that his wife was a perfect driver, totally in control, but died in a car crash anyway. He suggests that Elliot stumble in the right direction, the only way to move forward. He understands Elliot's situation with Mr. Robot. Elliot moves to leave but Ray stops him and asks him to play chess. Elliot sees Mr. Robot again and sits back down.

Dom finds the fsociety arcade.

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