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At the fsociety arcade headquarters alone with Tyrell Wellick, Elliot initiates the massive hack that occurred at the end of the first season. Tyrell sits at the computer watching the hack take place, as Elliot reaches into the popcorn machine where he left Darlene's gun earlier.

In a flashback, we see the aftermath of Elliot's father accidentally pushing him out the window. At the hospital, his parents argue about how to pay for his medical care. The doctor asks them to leave while he speaks privately to Elliot.

In the present, a month after the hack on E Corp, Elliot is in seclusion, living with his mother. As he tells Krista during their sessionss, he sticks to a very regimented schedule in order to keep "Mr Robot" under control. Each day, he does chores around the house, eats all his meals with his friend Leon (who is newly obsessed with Seinfeld), and goes to basketball games. Several times a week he goes to a church group. Consistently, President Obama gives speeches about cybersecurity in the wake of the E Corp hack, for which a missing Tyrell Wellick has been assigned blame.

Though she knows that he hacked her boyfriend "Michael," Krista agreed to continue seeing Elliot as a patient. Elliot explains to Krista that he doesn't trust "him" -- Mr. Robot.

When he returns home, Elliot journals (in minute detail) about his day as Mr. Robot appears to harrass him about continuing their revolution. Elliot ignores Mr. Robot as the delusion becomes more aggravated. In return for his attention, Elliot asks Mr. Robot to tell him where Tyrell is. Mr. Robot refuses, shooting Elliot in the head with a gun. Elliot reacts nonchalantly, journaling about how Mr. Robot shot him in the head "again" but that he remained calm this time.

In Downtown Manhattan, mask-wearing fsociety supporters saw off the balls of the Wall Street Bull at night.

Susan Jacobs, the Evil Corp. general counsel, returns to her smart home after a jog. Progressively, all of her smart home technology goes on the fritz, dropping the temperature and blaring music and the TV, until she is forced to flee from her home to her apartment in Greenwich.

As soon as she leaves, Darlene and Mobley arrive and break into the apartment, as the malfunctioning house tech stops malfunctioning. Darlene comments that the apartment owner will be gone "long enough."

Gideon visits Elliot at home, telling him that the FBI is after him, believing he was involved in the attack. He notes that someone is potentially hacking his emails as well. Mr. Robot taunts Elliot, suggesting that they might have hacked Gideon to frame him. Gideon begs for Elliot to help him but when Elliot refuses, he threatens to go to the FBI with what he knows about Elliott. Elliot hallucinates Mr. Robot cutting Gideon's throat and runs off, leaving a confused and aggravated Gideon behind.

Elliot wraps his head with bandages to prevent the hallucinated bleeding from his hallucinated head wound and goes out to eat with Leon. During his meal, Mr. Robot appears and berates Elliot for trying to keep him at bay.

A party rages on at Susan's apartment while Darlene sits in tears alone on the bathroom floor, as outside the fsociety supporters take selfies with the bull's balls. Darlene joins them, demanding the picture-taker's phone and crushing it. She gives a passionate, angry speech about their war not being over yet.

The party winds down as Darlene dispatches everyone. Mobley criticizes Darlene's methods. Darlene explains that E Corp is still winning and it feels like the hack made it worse, not better -- fsociety didn't finish them off. Darlene puts a program on a USB flash drive and hands it off to Mobley. Mobley asks about Elliot and Darlene claims that he doesn't matter.

An angry woman visits a teller at the Bank of E, trying to convince the teller that she finished off her home loan. When the teller explains that they can't verify whether she paid off her loan, the woman gets upset and tells her to cancel the account. Suddenly, all of the computers show messages saying that Bank of E's files have been encrypted and that they must pay $5.9 million to get access to them. We see Mobley is an IT worker at the Bank of E and he apparently initiated the encryption.

Susan Jacobs meets with Scott Knowles and Phillip Price to discuss the ransom, which specified that fsociety wanted E Corp to send one of their "chiefs" (chief officers) to deliver the ransom money. Susan believes that they should pay the ransom but should use a security officer undercover. Price refuses that idea and Scott volunteers to deliver the ransom money.

That night, Scott arrives in Battery Park with the bags full of ransom money, with a team watching him. He engages tense looks with a man who has a dog with him. A delivery man comes to him and delivers an fsociety mask with a note and a phone. The voice at the other end of the line instructs him to follow the directions or every E Corp system will be bricked. Scott frantically takes all of the money out of the bags, puts the mask on, and lights the money on fire, ignoring questions from his back-up team. People in the park gather to watch the spectacle and take videos, Darlene among them.

Price meets with government employees to ask for a bailout. They refuse and ask him to resign. Price criticizes them and brings up FDR's actions during the Great Depression, in which the government essentially "conned" the public into believing that they had everything under control. Price claims that if he resigns, their public will lose all confidence in them. He leaves angrily.

Joanna Wellick is tied up on a bed as a nervous man drags a knife over her body, eventually accidentally cutting her. She gently nudges him to "punish her," which he begins to do.

FBI Agent Dom DiPierro goes to her local deli, where she is friendly with the deli owner. She goes to work and meets with a nervous looking Gideon.

While watching a basketball game, one of the players insults Leon. Leon tosses their ball away and has a confrontation with the player. A man named Ray, walking a dog, intervenes by retrieving the ball and deescalating the confrontation. Ray chats Elliot up, bringing up Elliot's rumored hacking skills. Mr. Robot suggests that he help Ray out, to let the old feeling come back, but Elliot shuts Ray down and declines to continue talking.

As Joanna takes a bath at the hotel, her boytoy asks if he did well that time. She asks him to stop talking and reminds him that they aren't to be seen together when he asks if she wants to get a drink together. Joanna's bodyguard arrives to collect her and Joanna instructs her "boyfriend" to leave.

At Evil Corp, Angela is the PR manager. Her coworkers talk trash about her behind her back, especially how she came out of nowhere and rose up. She brusquely negotiates with different channels who want to do segments on E Corp, eventually hanging up on Bloomberg in a ploy to get them to agree to her terms. One of her coworkers fetches their supervisor, Melissa, to rat her out, but by the time Melissa arrives Angela has locked down the exclusive.

Joanna returns home from a walk with the baby and finds a gift wrapped and waiting for her outside her apartment. At the bottom of the gift box, she finds a phone taped to it.

Angela sits by herself at a bar. Antara the lawyers shows up, late for their meeting. Angela tells Antara that she likes her job at E Corp and isn't quitting, much to Antara's consternation (since she was against Angela taking the job to begin with). After Antara leaves, a young man approaches Angela, asking if she's alone. That night, they sleep together. Angela leaves him in bed in the middle of the night to watch her "positive affirmations" for success and money video.

Ray approaches Elliot at the basketball court, joking that his dog Maxine wanted to say hi. Elliot tries to shut him down once again, but Ray mentions that Elliot spoke with him last night and he thought they were on the same page. Ray realizes that Elliot doesn't remember their meeting at all. Elliot runs home and checks his journal, realizing that he can't account for the time between when he went to sleep and when he woke up the next morning.

Mr. Robot appears and taunts Elliot, telling him that he spoke to Ray in order to make Elliot realize that the one other people see is him (Mr. Robot). Elliot begins laughing hysterically, to Mr. Robot's confusion, demanding to know where Tyrell is. Mr. Robot refuses to tell him and Elliot leaves for his church group.

Gideon sits alone at the bar, where the TV is showing news about the newest fsociety ransonware attack. A man named Brock approaches Gideon and begins rambling at him about the economic situation. He eventually changes the subject to more personal subjects, but Gideon turns him down, saying that he's married. Brock reveals that he recognizes Gideon from the tabloids and can see from his face that his husband left him. Brock calls Gideon the perfect patsy and shoots him suddenly in the head, saying it is for their country. Gideon falls to the floor bleeding, as people around them flee.

Joanna sits over the phone that arrived with the music box. She leaves to take care of the baby and when she does, she misses a call from an unknown number.

Elliot sits spaced out during his church group meeting and dozes off. When he comes to, he is at a phone, listening to it ring. A man answers and Elliot asks who it is. Tyrell greets him by saying "Bon soir, Elliot."

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