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Adil carries his sister, Khalida, into a U.S. military outpost that's the last known location of the Tarim. Abigail gets debriefed after Charval's murder and herself nearly being killed. Petra tries to identify the spell used against them. Tally attempts to calm down Raelle, who is panicky about Scylla being missing. General Alder assures Adil Fort Salem's fixers will help Khalida. Seventeen women over six states were killed just like Charval by the Spree, all witches and all Bellweathers. Recruits learn to use salva to drop into combat situations. Raelle is chosen to demonstrate because of her illegal previous use of salva. She gets distracted by memories of Scylla and crashes to the ground. Izadora and Petra show Alder their findings. Raelle confronts Anacostia about Scylla. Petra assigns a bodyguard, Friday, to Abigail. Raelle sneaks into the Necro building. Izadora catches Raelle. Friday drills Abigail and gets her to admit she let down her guard at the wedding. Anacostia tells Tally to concentrate on training and to leave the Scylla investigation to the professionals. Friday tells Abigail the sad story on how she lost her eye. Tally baffles Glory with her monologue. Izadora informs Raelle Scylla was killed during the storm. Alder tries to convince Adil to share his people's songs but he refuses to let them be used as weapons. Raelle tells Abigail and Tally that Scylla is dead. Abigail has a nightmare. The sigil Scylla gave Raelle still works, which means she's still alive. Raelle takes her unit mates' salva. She uses it to fly to the beach Scylla had mentioned. Abigail and Tally convince Friday to let them go off base to find Raelle. They find her crashed on the beach and in denial. Anacostia and Izadora interrogate Scylla. Then they send in Alder.

Motherland: Fort Salem
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Motherland: Fort Salem Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Raelle: Anacostia's always had it out for Scylla and me.
Tally: Stop focusing on it.

Interrogator: We can do this later.
Abigail: I can do this. I'm a Bellweather. Let's keep going.