Will Phil's ducklings hatch? Find out when you watch Modern Family online. Manny tries to exude his mother's confidence.

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When you watch Modern Family Season 7 Episode 4 online you will find out about Phil's obsession with ducklings. Phil struggles against the rest of the Dunphys who are convinced the ducklings will not hatch. Mitchell struggles with the frat boys renting the upstairs apartment because Cam is acting like a frat boy. Manny struggles to get Gloria's attention since he wants her help asking out a barista. Phil continues working on his duck village, but Claire gets covered in bird feed. Mitchell and Lily get to the house to help with the duck village, and Mitchell jumps on the opportunity to take Luke driving. Mitchell and Luke essentially have two separate conversations while Luke comments about driving, Mitchell vents about Cam's recent behavior. Meanwhile Cam agrees to participate in the frat boy antics, including shots of jagermeister. Claire tries to pitch her new closet ideas at a work meeting but is repeatedly interrupted by Jay. Gloria is tongue-tied when she sees her idol, much like Manny is with the girls he likes. Cam ends up stealing a goat for the frat boys. Lily comments on Phil's duck village sarcastically. Phil sets the nest on fire and rescues the eggs. Luke and Mitchell drive by a dejected Cam. At an outdoor lunch meeting Jay apologizes for being hard on Claire and she gets attacked by pigeons (attracted to Phil's bird feed on her clothing). Gloria builds up Manny's confidence so he gets a date with the barista he has a crush on. Phil takes Lily shopping for more parts to the duck village and calls Claire to ask if she can turn the eggs. The eggs hatch while Phil is on the way home, and the ducklings imprint on Claire instead of Phil.

Episode Details

On Modern Family Season 7 Episode 4, Phil builds a village for ducklings while Cam tries to become a frat boy, much to Mitchell's chagrin.

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Modern Family
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Modern Family Season 7 Episode 4 Quotes

Phil: It's time, somebody warm some towels!
Claire: Every time I crack an egg, really?

We have been renting the upstairs unit to some frat boys from Cam's old college. They're here for some big game and to try to get on the Price is Right. Unfortunately for me it's brought out Cam's bromosexual side.