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-Phil wants to build a duck village for the nest he found at an open house

-Claire suggests they might be dead

-Dylan follows Haley around mirroring the behavior of a duckling imprinting

-Mitchell is upset that Cam has gone all bro with frat boys living upstairs

-Manny asks Gloria for advice with the barista he has a crush on

-Gloria ignores him to watch her favorite show

-Gloria plans to stalk the show's star when she is in town

-Phil works on mailboxes for the ducklings

-Claire gets covered in duck feed

-Claire is worried about her work meeting

-Lily and Mitchell arrive to help with the duck village

-Mitchell takes Luke driving to avoid the duck village

-Luke feels nervous while driving with Mitchell

-Mitchell vents about Cam's bro-ness

-Cam goes up to yell at them and then reveals he doesn't care

-They want Cam to do shots and go on a mission

-Claire wants to share her closet designs at the meeting

-Jay repeatedly undercuts her ideas during the meeting

-Gloria waits in the hotel lobby

-Cam participates in ridiculous frat boy antics (involving fireworks and livestock)

-Lily is not enjoying the duck village Phil created

-Phil sets the nest on fire by accident and rushes to save the eggs

-Mitchell continues to vent to Luke while Luke drives

-Luke and Mitchell drive by Cam walking a goat dressed as a pizza delivery man

-Jay and Claire have an outdoor meeting

-Jay admits that he's being hard on Claire

-Claire tries to pitch the closet ideas but is attacked by pigeons

-Manny and Gloria have a heart to heart about not feeling confident

-Manny successfully asks out a barista

-Phil is shopping for a duckling slide

-Phil calls Claire to ask if she can take care of the eggs

-Phil talks Claire through the egg hatching while driving Lily back

-All three eggs hatch and Phil and Claire are both happy

-The ducks imprint on Claire much to Phil's sorrow


Modern Family
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Modern Family Season 7 Episode 4 Quotes

Phil: It's time, somebody warm some towels!
Claire: Every time I crack an egg, really?

We have been renting the upstairs unit to some frat boys from Cam's old college. They're here for some big game and to try to get on the Price is Right. Unfortunately for me it's brought out Cam's bromosexual side.