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The Dunphys tried to get unplugged this week, as a challenge is extended: who can go without technology the longest? Phil agrees to give Haley a car if she wins, much to Claire's chagrin, but it's okay, Phil says, he'll win.

After Claire, Luke and Alex are eliminated, it's down to Phil and Haley. The parents overhear their daughter talking in her room and assume she's on the phone. Seeing this, Phil jumps online to change his fantasy football line-up... but he's been fooled! Haley actually made a phone out of marker and soap. She tricked her parents, but she still doesn't end up with a car in the end. Claire and Phil admit they really shouldn't have agreed to that.


- The neighbor's dog keeps barking and waking up Manny, Jay and Gloria. When the neighbor comes over to ask what happened to the canine the following day, Jay and Gloria say they don't know. Which is true for one of them. Turns out, Gloria stole the chained-up pet and gave it to a friend of hers. But Manny and Jay feared throughout the episode that she killed it because she has a history of murdering rats with a shovel. Funny stuff.

- Cam and Mitchell freak out over getting Lily into the best pre-school. They think they are shoo-ins due to their status as a gay couple with an Asian baby, but are shown up when lesbians with an African-American child interview at the top program. This causes Cam to panic and blow their interview, as the episode ends with them asking Claire if she can help Lily get into the same school that Luke, Alex and Haley attended.

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Modern Family Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Mitchell: She wants us to buy Lily a Blackberry.
Cam: She doesn't have the dexterity for that!

Leave it to the gays to raise the only underachieving Asian in America.