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Focusing on serious issues, Modern Family delivered a strong episode that centered around these three storylines:

Phil took a trip to the spa because a gift certificate was running out. Once there, he received advice from a variety of women on the best way to talk to Claire; i.e. just be there for her, don't try to solve every problem. When Phil arrived home, he was immediately faced with a challenge because Claire had spent the day trying to prevent a fight between Haley and Alex over the fact that the latter ruined the former's sweater.

He succeeded, using the tactics he recently learned. But then got irritated when Claire failed to notice any physical change on him from the spa treatment.

Jay and Gloria fought over his desire to place their dead bodies in "drawers" (as she called them) once the time came. This actually turned into a concern for Jay once he realized that he'd die first and she might remarry. But Manny provided some words of wisdom and then Gloria did the same and Jay ended up telling her that he'd be fine ending up cremated, in a coffee can, as long as he was by her side for eternity.

Finally, Mitchell and Cam dealt with a major issue: the former did not hyphenate Lily's last name, instead making "Tucker" her middle name on her adoption papers. The reason, he finally admitted? Due to Cam's initial fears over adoption, Mitchell was afraid he would leave and then Lily would be stuck with half of a last name from a father no longer in the picture.

Mitchell made up for this major misstep by taking Cam's idea (of a children's book that would make Lily feel more comfortable with her adopted status) and writing a sweet rough draft.

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Modern Family Season 2 Episode 17 Quotes

What did Oprah do now

Mitchell [to Cam]

If you don't use them, then all our money just goes to charity.