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It was Claire's favorite holiday this week, as she tried to get the family into Halloween. But there were issues: Haley kept dressing like a skank; Alex just wanted to study; Cam was scarred from an incident in his childhood and hated the occasion; Gloria and Jay were fighting because the latter made fun of her accent; and Phil was panicking because their neighbors just got divorced and he didn't want that to happen to him and Claire.

Mitchell was also in a bad mood because he had an embarrassing day. Thinking the whole office got dressed up for Halloween, he went to work in a Spider-Man outfit. But only two other men were in costumes, and they were mocked all day. Mitchell tried to hide his get-up under a suit, but hijinks ensued, making that impossible. It was funny stuff.

In the end, the family came together and gave Claire the haunted house she had been craving.

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Modern Family Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

A bruja is a witch! A gar-golll is a gar-golll.


Can you imagine? One minute you're happily married, the next minute you're completely by yourself.