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After an earthquake hits the area this week, everyone reacts differently...

Phil, for example, is worried that Claire will get mad at him because a cabinet he forgot to anchor to the wall almost fell on Luke. Fortunately, Claire is trapped in the bathroom with a handyman, so Phil has time to scramble around and do what he had claimed to do weeks ago. When Claire finally gets out, she asks what the heck Phil was up to - but his kids cover for him. In exchange for favors, of course.

Manny, meanwhile, accompanies Jay on the golf course instead of going to church. But this tests his faith, as Jay goes on and on about there being no Hell, possibly not being a heaven, etc. Manny says his step dad is playing "fast and loose" with his soul. Hilarious. In the end, Jay drops Manny back off at church and the latter says he'll put in a good word for the former... who leaves to go play more golf.

The third storyline centered on Mitchell and Cam using the earthquake as an excuse to get out of an elaborate party thrown by a friend (played by Nathan Lane). But this lie goes awry when the friend stops by to see if everything is okay. The couple ends up claiming Cameron has feelings for this man, in order to make him feel better about why they skipped out on his fancy shindig.

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Modern Family Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Some things you can't forget you've heard. Do you know what menstruation is? I do!


You're playing fast and loose with my soul.