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Modern Family Season 2

"The One That Got Away"

It's Jay's birthday on Modern Family. Read on for a recap of the second season finale.

"See You Next Fall"

It's time for Alex's graduation ceremony from middle school and the Prichetts and Dunphys rush to make it!

"Good Cop Bad Dog"

Cameron comes down with the flu this week. On the night of a Lady Gaga concert. The horror!

"Mother's Day"

Claire and Gloria want to spend Mother's Day by going hiking; Phil and Jay stay home to cook a nice dinner; Cameron is worried he's seen as the "mother" in their household.

"Someone to Watch Over Lily"

Who will be the legal guardian of Lily in the event of a tragedy? That's the question at the heart of this episode.

"The Musical Man"

Cameron serves as director of Luke and Manny's school play this week. Elsewhere, Jay's brother comes to town.

"Boys' Night"

It's a boys' night out this week on Modern Family. Elsewhere, Haley goes through some adventures in babysitting.

"Two Monkeys and a Panda"

Phil sneaks off for a day at the spa this week. Meanwhile, Cameron decides to write a book.

"Regrets Only"

Gloria counsels Phil this week, while Jay does the same for Claire after these two get into a fight. Elsewhere, Mitchell and Luke give Cameron a hand.

"Princess Party"

Lily celebrates her birthday this week, with a party that grows out of control. Matt Dillon guest stars.

"Bixby's Back"

Phil and Claire role play again on Valentine's Day this week. Elsewhere, Jay plans an elaborate evening for Gloria.

"Caught in the Act"

Luke, Alex and Haley mean well on this episode. But they end up walking in on their parents. Yes, you know what we mean!

"Our Children, Ourselves"

Claire and Phil try to get Alex to relax about studying this week, while Gloria attempts to make new friends. We also meet an ex-girlfriend of Mitchell's.

"Slow Down Your Neighbors"

James Marsden guest stars on this episode of Modern Family. He plays a neighbor of Mitchell and Cameron's. Elsewhere, Jay tries to teach Manny to ride a bike.

"Dance Dance Revelation"

Jay and Phil have to take their sons on a mall run this week. As you might expect, it becomes very stressful. Elsewhere, Claire is focused on her school dance committee duties.

"Mother Tucker"

Ready to meet Cameron's mom? Celia Weston guest stars in that role this week and makes things uncomfortable for Mitchell.

"Manny Get Your Gun"

Happy birthday, Manny! The family meets at a restaurant this week to wish the world's most mature teenager a very happy 13th birthday.

Claire and Haley are both home sick and bond as a result this week. Elsewhere, Gloria and Manny surprise Jay at work, while Cameron goes behind Mitchell's back.


It's Halloween on Modern Family! This is especially exciting for Claire, who adores the holiday. It's less fun for Mitchell, though, who has an awful day at work.


Which member of the Dunphys can refrain from using an electronic device the longest? That challenge is laid out this week, as Mitchell and Cam also race to get Lily into the best pre-school.

"Strangers on a Treadmill"

Claire and Mitchell agrees to switch roles this week and tell the other's significant others something hurtful. Elsewhere, Haley offers Alex advice on how to be cool.


The title of this week's episode says it all: there's an earthquake and we see how various characters react to the incident.

"The Kiss"

Gloria aims to cook more traditional meals on this episode, while Claire finds herself acting like an overbearing mother. Elsewhere, Mitchell and Cameron get into a little fight.

"The Old Wagon"

An earthquake hits on the season premiere of Modern Family. Manny and Jay have interesting, hilarious reactions to this event.

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