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Cam screams and wakes Mitchell up. He forgot the words to Thank God I'm a Country Boy in the shower and is freaking out. He blames it on Mitch and he wants to get a chicken to get back in touch with his country side.

They get a chicken.

Alex is taking to Phil and Claire about the interview that needs to happen for Alex's new job. She wants to keep it simple. Claire is trying to control everything.

Luke is psychoanalyzing everyone.

Phil: I love it that you're smart now.

Joe is refusing to eat beets. He asks Gloria for support. 

The Alex interview is happening with the family. Claire is trying to control, Phil is telling a story. Haley tells a story about how Alex inspired her and Alex can hardly get a word in edgewise.

Phil went to the soviet union when he was a cheerleader. Phil sent a Russian friend 50 pictures of a military base.

The interviewer leaves and Alex goes off on everyone.

Luke: Thank you, Alexandra. It's not easy being the smart ones in this family.

Alex: Don't compare us! Your last English paper came back with a Garfield sticker on it that said, "Way to Go!"

Cam comes in with an egg from their new chicken. Cam hates the chicken and wants to get rid of it, but won't let Mitchell know.

Mitch loves the chicken and is excited to go to the feedstore. He goes all country. He doesn't want Cam to know he likes the farm life.

Mitch lost the chicken - Henifer.

Jay is refereeing for Gloria's team. He doesn't know anything about soccer, but Gloria does. He doesn't have a whistle, so he keeps saying whistle.

Haley calls Dylan saying they need to do grown up stuff to prove she doesn't have Peter Pan syndrome.

Phil is walking down the street wondering if he was a spy. He thought he was being followed by a van, but it was Dylan.

Claire re-arranging the furniture because she can't stand that it's in a slightly different spot and Luke comes in to make her feel bad about it.

Phil walks in saying he is a dreamer and that Luke is right.

Dylan's wearing tons of hats.

Cam is checking the camera because the chicken is gone. Cam is chasing it around the yard and he is telling Mitch that a racoon is getting her. Really it's Cam trying to catch her. Mitch is devastated. He deleted the video.

Mitch insists she might still be alive and that they go look for her.

Dylan and Haley are going to a grown up production, but really want to go to the carnival. They talk themselves into going to the carnival saying they'll be the oldest ones there, making them mature.

Gloria: Don't Bugs Bunny me.

Alex got the job. Phil was asking everyone if the Mickey Mouse drawing was real and Alex said it was.

Alex: It's nice to have a believer in the house.

Mitch and Cam are driving around to look to the chicken. Cam threw it over the fence at the egg farm. Mitch: You got rid of Henifer!

Mitch and Cam admit the truth to each other.

Haley and Dylan got into an accident. She finds out she's pregnant.

Joe, Gloria and Jay are at the table waiting for Joe to eat the beets.Joe tricks them into eating his beets.

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