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On Mistresses Season 4 Episode 5, Karen lands a spot on a popular podcast to promote her book, but ends up humiliated, while Kate gets a rude awakening.
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On Mistresses Season 4 Episode 4, Joss attempts to steal a client from a PR agent that humilated her for her involvement with Calista and being arrested.
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Some of the best TV shows are made up of all female ensemble casts, where the women kick some butt and still come together for that perfect heart-to-heart.
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Mistresses is a scandal-filled drama that follows the bedroom/romantic lives of four female friends.

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Customer: Is this the sexy sheet section?
April: This is the satin section. What's sexy to one person is a slippery elbow in the face to someone else.

Savi: Where's your wedding ring?
Harry: It's in my pocket.
Savi: Put it on.