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Mike & Molly Season 2

"The Wedding"

The day of Mike & Molly's wedding finally arrives on the show's 2nd season finale.

"The Rehearsal "

Mike and Molly's wedding rehearsal doesn't go as planned.

"Bachelor / Bachelorette"

Mike's father shows up unexpectedly for his bachelor party and Peggy plans a surprise for Molly's bachelorette party.

"The Dress"

When her dress doesn't fit, Molly takes dieting to a whole new level on Mike & Molly.

"Molly Can't Lie"

Molly's non-Catholic views cost her and Mike their wedding venue and almost their relationship.

"Peggy Goes to Branson"

Peggy takes a trip out of town leaving Jim with Mike and Molly, but things don't go so smoothly.

"Mike Likes Lasagna"

Mike and Molly struggle to write their wedding vows until Carl comes up with a solution.


When Molly discovers that Mike hasn't had a birthday party since he was nine, she decides to throw him a surprise party. Samuel falls for a gold digger.

Late Dates
"Valentine's Piggybank"

When Mike and Carl have an emergency at work, Molly and Christine end up spending Valentine's Day together.

"Joyce's Choices"

Joyce goes on a date with an ex-boyfriend this week, which causes a fall out in her relationship with Vince. Mike and Molly plan their honeymoon.

"Victoria Can't Drive"

Victoria gets arrested on Mike & Molly this week, which leads to her and Mike spending a lot more time together.

"Carl Has Issues"

Carl must face his fear of commitment this week when his relationship with Christina takes a serious turn.

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