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Dwight and Whitehead investigate the shooting of a crime family's daughter. The case has more twists and turns than either of them expected. Whitehead pulls double duty as he spearheads an attempt to throw Dwight a birthday surprise party.
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Dwight and Whitehead have to solve a society murder while Lt. Rice, Sutton and Greenback have to uncover the identity of a man who knows nothing about himself. How did both teams manage to get along? Read the review now.
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Dwight and Whitehead were in pursuit of the corpse of a community pillar this week. Did they find what they what they sought, or maybe more than they bargained for? Read this week's review now.
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Lt. Rice and Whitehead teamed up to investigate the arson of the beloved Carver Theatre, while Dwight and his mom attended the release hearing of the man who killed his father. How did everyone fare? Read this week's review to find out!
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Dwight, Whitehead and the rest of the Memphis PD found themselves in possession of some precious cargo this week when an abandoned infant leads them straight to a nun, who becomes their prime suspect. What happened to the bundle of joy? Read this week's review to find out.
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A young girl isn't the only thing missing in this week's episode. Lt. Rice was out of the loop on some crucial family developments and Whitehead struggled to find his stride in the firing range. How did they all fair, read this week's review to find out!
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Memphis Beat focuses on on Dwight Hendricks, who is played by Jason Lee. He's a detective who loves this city, and also his mother. The drama has a comedic touch and follows Dwight around on his adventures.

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See, there's that attitude again. You don't belong in my department. If that means getting you promoted to do that, that's what I'm gonna do.

Lt. Rice [To Det. White]

Splitting Dwight and I up is about as stupid as a three-legged mule in a horse race.

Det. White